AFTER gaining the dreaded freshman 15 and then some, a young beauty was determined to get her body back.

She surprised herself when she lost it all quickly with only low-impact workouts and big meals.

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Jenna Evelyn (@jennaevelynnn) went down the classic weight-gain road during her first year of college.

“That was from drinking every weekend, not being in a calorie deficit, not hitting my protein goals, and not working out the right way for my body,” she began in the clip.

Ready to get back in shape, she incorporated some habits that made her lose the weight in only two months.

“Food was the biggest thing. I was still eating a lot but it was low calorie, high protein.”

She said her go-tos became chickpea pasta, Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, chicken, fat-free cottage cheese – which she’d turned into sauces – and ground turkey for things like taco bowls.

To keep herself in check, she said she made it a point to meal prep so that she wouldn’t stress about cooking in the moment.

Jenna also changed her approach to fitness.

“I started losing weight when I started doing low-impact workouts like walking, dumbbell-only lifts, and Pilates,” she said, adding that she would alternate workouts each day.

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Her final tip was one that she said is “huge” for weight loss.

“Hit your 10k steps a day.

"Some of those steps for me before my workouts would come from doing the 12-3-30 workout,” she said, referring to the popular treadmill routine that involves walking at a level 12 incline, on 3 mph, for 30 minutes.

“All of those things combined helped me.”

Viewers were thankful for the step-by-step guidance.

“This is the best, most concise, easiest video I have ever seen. THANK YOU,” one person praised.

“Babe, this is an immediate follow. I hope you know you’re helping so many people,” another echoed.

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