AN ARMY veteran who converted an old ambulance into a dream tiny home showed off the incredible transformation.

Steven Stolp got the vehicle off Craigslist and made it into a practical and elegant home on wheels.

The San Diego businessman founded Stolp Solutions in 2020 after going viral with his first ambulance makeover.

He started his company as a side hustle in his own driveway, and now not only owns one but two companies.

Steven also runs Sandy Vans, where he sells his personalised vans and shares his workshop with other builders who want to succeed in the industry.

Every vehicle is creatively nicknamed after celebrities, such as Vanny DeVito, Vaniel Craig, SylVanster Stallone, and Vangelina Jolie.

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Prices can range from £109,000 to £163,000 each.

"Growing up around car enthusiasts, I developed a passion for learning through hands-on experience," he said.

"After serving six honorable years in the United States Navy, I realised that I needed a creative outlet.

"That's when I started building furniture and discovered my knack for creating unique storage solutions for small homes. This led me to start my own company, Stolp Solutions."

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The veteran also attended business school, and during his time off from his studies, Steven took on a summer project and built his first van.

It turned out to be a success, and the positive feedback received inspired him to build and sell more vans.

He said: "As someone who experiences traveller's anxiety, I wanted to create something that provided a feeling of home on wheels.

I am passionate about building unique vans, and I hope to inspire others to explore the world around them.

"I picked an ambulance because of all the exterior storage and compartments. I thought that would be the best platform to convert as an early builder."

One of Steven's latest projects was the Bougie Ambulance, as he nicknamed it, and was shared on YouTube by vehicle makeover enthusiast Jarrod Tocci.

The elegant tiny home is a big wow factor in the vehicle, as the exterior still looks like a shiny red ambulance.

Stephen made sure to optimise the space to the maximum, using every single compartment and space possible.

There are jump seats on the doors and a retractable dining table for sitting outside and enjoy an outdoor meal.

A cut out in the back can fit sports equipment such as skis and surfboards, and the back ladder also works as a bicycle rack – fitting up to two 29-inch mountain bikes side by side.

The entire unit can be temperature-regulated thanks to a portable air conditioner and heater.

Every equipment that could potentially break or malfunction was installed in the exterior compartments for easier maintenance.

This includes the portable air conditioner, water hose, heater, a hot water boiler and the entire electrical board.

The ambulance also has a couple of unique features, including a train horn at the front and a barbecue grill.

Inside, milky white walls with wooden details come to life with the warm LED lighting accents.

Behind the driving seat and dashboard is the bathroom, enveloped in marble-like panels, with a compost toilet and rainfall shower.

It also features a detachable shower head that can be used to clean the grill outside if the exterior door is open.

Built-in power outlets and cabinets are seen on almost every wall and empty space available for ultimate storage capacity.

The kitchen features a two-hob stove, a sink, a retractile counter and pantry.

Refrigerators are secretly located under the living space seats, like a chest. These are also fully adaptable as owners can choose how many units will work as fridges or freezers.

A projector above the double bed plays movies and media onto a white board, making it your very own little cinema.

On the roof, solar panels power the entire vehicle and homeowners can treat themselves to a little golfing as the entire top is covered in AstroTurf, featuring a putting hole and tee.

"Everything you see here – from the amenities to the little compartments – everything was cut out and manipulated to cater to my client's height and needs," Steven explained.

The Californian makeover boss is one of many tiny home enthusiasts to transform small spaces into beautiful homes.

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