Kevin Hart is releasing his next film with Netflix and this time he is ready to take fans on a thrilling and exciting new adventure. His latest proposition involves a $500 million USD mid-air heist to good to pass up. In the official trailer for the upcoming action-comedy Lift, Hart assembles a start-studded crew to help him move the gold.

Initially set to release in August, the heist film has been moved to the beginning of next year. The trailer begins with showing Hart and his crew caught in their nefarious ways. The government comes knocking on Hart’s door revealing that they are aware of his criminal activities. However, they are willing to turn a blind eye to his past if he helps them boost $500 million USD worth of gold on a passenger plane that is headed for a terrorist cell. The catch is, he must pull off the heist in midair, “Just treat this like any other lift,” Hart said to his team.

The Lift heist crew consists of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’onofrio, Billy Magnusen, Jacob Batalon, Úrsul Corberó, Jean Reno, Burn Gorman, Sam Worthington, Viveik Karla, Paul Anderson and Kim Yoon-ji. Watch the trailer above. Lift hits Netflix on January 12, 2024.

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