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The words 'you ain't my mother' are easily some of the most iconic in British soap history, as they were shouted by EastEnders' Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) to Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), after the former found out that Kat was really her mother.

Longtime fans of the East London-based soap will, no doubt, remember the dramatic scenes well, as Zoe, who had been raised to believe that her grandfather Charlie, was her father, and that Kat was her sister, announced in the Queen Vic that she was moving to Spain to work in her Uncle Harry's bar.

But little did she know that her 'uncle' is actually her father, after he raped Kat when she was when she was just 13, leading her to fall pregnant.

Zoe was then adopted by Kat's parents, Charlie and Viv, and was brought up to believe that Kat was her sister.

Kat was incensed at Zoe's announcement, as she shouted at her in front of everyone and told her that there is no way she is moving to Spain.

The pair became embroiled in a huge spat as Zoe stormed out, closely followed by Kat as they stormed down the street in the dark.

Zoe told Kat that she most definitely was going to Spain to work in the bar, with Kat again telling her that she wasn't, before Zoe reeled around and told her: "Get away from me. You don't rule my life."

Kat told her: "You're not going to Spain, and that's that," as Zoe retorted: "Why not?"

When Kat replied: "Because I said so," Zoe defiantly asked her: "Oh, and I have to do everything you say, do I?"

Zoe then screamed: "You can't tell me what to do. You ain't my mother," as Kat shouted the spine-tingling words: "Yes I am!" which many soap fans will remember well.

A shell-shocked Zoe later found out that she was a product of rape and incest.

The harrowing subject led to EastEnders being nominated for "Best Storyline" at the British Soap Awards as well as winning "Best Single Episode" in 2002.

Jessie Wallace's character Kat is currently embroiled in a similar storyline as, on Wednesday's episode of EastEnders, her nephew, Freddie Slater (played by Bobby Brazier), found out that he was also a product of rape, after his mum, Little Mo Mitchell was attacked by his father, Graham Foster.

The news was delivered to a heartbroken Freddie by Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) who, up until recently, he believed was his father, as well as his aunt, Kat, and her on-off husband, Alfie Moon (Shane Richie).

One upset viewer tweeted: "Poor Freddie, my heart breaks for him." While another added: "My heart just broke for poor Freddie, Bobby does play the part well. Jade would be so proud of him."

Viewers of Thursday night's episode will see the fallout from Freddie receiving the news.

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