U-SHAPED travel pillows are perhaps the most popular design for plane passengers.

They should support your neck, and stop your head from bobbing side to side when you snooze.

But it turns out that many people are probably using the pillows wrong.

Dr Michael Breus – or The Sleep Doctor as he’s known to US television audiences — is one of the world’s leading sleep experts and a pro when it comes to sleeping in transit.

He told News.com.au that we should really be turning those pillows upside down.

Dr Breus said: “And one thing I tell my clients is that if you have a U-shaped neck pillow, turn it around so the bottom of the U is under your chin."

He continued: “That’s because your head tends to bob which will wake you up, and by rotating the pillow it stops your head from bobbing.”

If you haven’t forked out for one of those pillows, you’ll still be able to get a good night’s kip though – so long as you bag the window seat.

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Dr Breus said: “Get a window seat, and you can roll up a jacket or bring a pillow and prop it up to rest your head.

“[Also], stay as close to — but not in — the exit row as you can be.

“The reason you want to be close to the exit row is because you’re closer to the centre of the fuselage and you’re going to feel the least amount of turbulence there.”

But while the U-shaped option is the most widely available, there are also lots of other designs around.

Sun Online Travel tested some of the most popular ones available to see which would be best depending on how you sleep.

Another travel essential that passengers are using wrong is the flight sock – flyers aren't wearing them for long enough to get the most out of them.

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