BARBIE's Malibu Dreamhouse is up for rent with  guests able to stay in the property for just $60 (£46) a night.

With hair and beauty sessions as well as pink sun-loungers overlooking the infinity pool, you can now live out your childhood dream.

The Airbnb rental has been launched to celebrate Barbie's 60th anniversary.

The home, which can be booked for four guests, has views of the California coast.

Outside is an infinity pool complete with pink inflatables, seating and decor – and even a bright pink DJ set in the shape of a radio.

Inside, there is a dressing room complete with iconic Barbie outfits such as 80s workout, astronaut and a variety of pink dresses and ensembles where guests can play dress up.

A hobby room lets you try something new such as painting or sewing.

The house includes a Boss Barbie office with pink, marble and gold furniture, as well as an open meditation terrace, exercise sport court and a personal cinema.

The experience also offers a hair makeover with stylist Jen Atkin and a team from Mane Addicts Creator Collective, a cooking lesson with Malibu Seaside chef Gina Clarke-Helm, and even a fencing lesson with fencing medallist Ibtihaj Muhammad.

A behind-the-scenes tour of the Columbia Memorial Space Centre will also take place, meeting pilot and aerospace engineer Jill Meyers.

While it costs just £46 per night, excluding taxes, the home is only available to rent for two nights.

The launch of Barbie's Dreamhouse is in collaboration with the Dream Gap Project, which is an "an ongoing global initiative that aims to give girls the resources and support they need to believe that they can be anything".

To stay at the house, you need to be the first person to book the Airbnb rental when it goes live on October 23 at 7pm BST.

Lucky guests will then stay for two nights between October 27 and October 29 at the iconic home of Barbie.

Other pink houses you can rent include a unicorn palace in Essex for £2,400 a night – where every room is painted pink.

Or head to Hudson and stay at the pink mansion for just £55 per person.

A woman even spent £35,000 to make herself look like Barbie.

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