Feeling warm sand between our toes and going for a swim in the sun feels like a distant memory of yore.

At the moment, we can no longer show off our hotdog legs or scuba diving pics, we can only reminisce about the good old days.

One avid traveller is missing it all so much, she decided to create the most cliched poses loved by people on holiday.

For Shauna Waugh, a South Africa-based freelance travel writer, traipsing through cities and countries is her job.

So you can imagine how she’s doing, being confined within her four walls during the pandemic.

To cheer herself and her followers up, Shauna has been recreating cool images seen on social media and showing what the 2020 counterpart looks like.

Shauna showed that we might not have giant turtles to pose with or iconic landmarks, but at least we will always have our sense of humour.


The creative writer mimicked pictures we normally see of influencers, whether underwater, posing by a waterfall, or chilling in bed with a wonderful view.

Shauna recreated the looks, opting for a glass of water to pretend she’s underwater (coupled with a Nemo toy to imitate the fish).

In another pic, she is seen rolled up in a duvet, pretending its a cool surfing shot.

The duvet makes an appearance in another post where Shauna is wrapped around it, standing in the kitchen and imitating a woman looking out from her bed.

Toys were also used in the making of the snaps as Shauna used Legs to imitate the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and again to mimic a train shot.


And what do you do when you don’t have the Taj Mahal to pose with? Use toilet tissue to impersonate it, of course.

With a pretty impressive makeshift Taj, Shauna managed to get the cliche shot in front of it.


It wasn’t just about using props either, the writer also used angles to illustrate a rock-climbing image.

Who needs a surfboard when you have an ironing board eh?

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