Hundreds of airport staff at London Luton Airport got quite the festive surprise as they were treated to a spectacular Christmas light show – featuring a 120ft aircraft!

easyJet lent one of its A320 aircraft to get a seriously festive makeover as part of a special performance.

In fact, the plane was transformed into a bonanza of colours and festive patterns thanks to the dazzling lights wrapped around the livery, and a series of eye-catching projections onto its side.

Airport ground staff painstakingly covered easyJet’s 5,000sq metre aircraft hangar in Christmas lights and decorations – but they were given just 24 hours to create the transformation.

Think snowflake patterns, brightly coloured displays, and the types of festive offerings that would make for some pretty eye-catching wrapping paper.

All in time to a new remix of Tchaikovsky’s iconic Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Over 850,000 choreographed light sequences and a total of 1.5 miles’ worth of LED micro bulbs were used in the Christmas spectacular.

It took a team of 10 special effects artists and lighting designers to put everything together.

In fact, it took four weeks to design and create the light show and, judging by the audience’s reactions, it was a success!

It wasn’t just about Christmas though – the performance was also in celebration of the airport’s 80th anniversary.

London Luton Airport teamed up with easyJet for the exciting surprise for hundreds of airport staff who have been working tirelessly on the three-year redevelopment of the airport.

In fact, thanks to their hard work, the airport is expecting to be able to increase the annual capacity to 18 million passengers by 2020.

Children from local schools Chantry Primary Academy and Whitefield Primary School were also invited to watch the show.

The redevelopment has proven a huge project, with a budget of £160million going into the regeneration project.

London Luton anticipates it will generate an extra £1billion to the UK economy, as well as an extra 10,000 jobs by 2030.

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