A United Airlines pilot is facing an indecency charge for standing naked in front of his hotel room window on Sept. 20.

Captain Andrew Collins, who has flown for United for 22 years, says he was unaware that he was giving an eyeful to the people in Denver International Airport’s glass-encased main terminal. The police, on the other hand, claim was fully aware of what he was doing.

Collins, who is based in Northern Virginia, insisted in an interview with The Denver Post that he was not aware he could be seen by people in the terminal. The airline is currently reviewing the incident. 

United Airlines spokeswoman Erin Benson told USA TODAY that Collins has been “removed from his duties pending an internal review,” adding, “We are cooperating with authorities on their investigation.”

Collins, 54, recounted the incident in an interview with the Post published Monday.

He said he had just woken up after a rough day of being diverted to airports across the country. By the time he went to bed the night before, he had been up for 30 hours.

“I was getting ready for a shower and was talking on the phone,” Collins told the Post. “It was a beautiful morning and I opened the curtains to my window. I couldn’t see the terminal.”

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