UK passports have slipped in rankings to sixth place – a huge fall compared to 2015, when it was one of the most powerful passports in the world.

It now holds the same power ranking as Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and the US according to the Index.

Taking number one position in 2019 is Japan, as the country now gives its citizens visa-free access to 190 destinations.

Joint second is Singapore and South Korea, while France and Germany are joint number three.

But it's not all bad news when you look at the numbers.

Despite being ranked joint number one with Germany in 2015, Brits only had visa-free entry to 173 different destinations.

In contrast, despite being lower in rankings compared to other nations this year, Brits now have access to 185 destinations without having to get a visa.

This means that in reality, UK passports are more powerful than ever.

The Henley Passport Index is based on data from the International air Transport Association and is updated in real time, which means that rankings could still change throughout the year.

Sun Online recently revealed that Brits won't need a visa to travel to Europe, even if we end up with a No Deal Brexit.

However, UK passport holders will have to pay £6 for a visa waiver.

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