Tyler Hubbard has an interesting theory for how the new baby he’s expecting with his wife Hayley came to be.

During a Q&A break on stage at Florida Georgia Line‘s iHeartCountry Album Release party in New York City on Friday, when asked about his “steamy” music video for “Talk You Out of It,” Hubbard joked that’s the reason his baby was conceived.

“You know what happened after that video…” Hubbard, 32, said with a laugh. “Well, we have another baby on the way.”

In the video, Hubbard sings to his wife while Brian Kelley sings to his wife, Brittany.

“I’m looking at that fine little dress you’ve got on / don’t get me wrong, girl I love it,” they sing in the video. “Now I just want to talk you out of it.”

Hubbard’s rep exclusively confirmed to PEOPLE on Feb. 10 that the “Simple” singer and his wife were expecting their second child in August, but in November, Hubbard hinted at the fact that “Talk You Out of It” might have had a double meaning.

“‘Talk You Out of It’ has a very different feel for us … It’s the baby-making song on the album,” Hubbard said on the Florida Georgia Line website. “But really, BK and I are always challenging ourselves creatively and knew that we had to record it when we first heard it.”

When catching up with PEOPLE ahead of the show at the iHeartRadio Theater to discuss their new album Can't Say I Ain't Country, Hubbard and Kelley revealed that “Talk You Out of It” wasn’t the only song on the record they wrote with their wives in mind.

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In fact, Kelley says their romantic song “Told You” is one of his favorites on the album because it serves as a tribute to their wives and ’90s country.

“It’s just got a special vibe,” Kelley, 33, told PEOPLE. “It’s got kind of a throwback feel and just another taste of what we can do, what we’re into and what has influenced us. It’s just a beautiful little love song to our wives and good old-fashioned country song.”

“Girl I told you / that I’d love you forever,” Hubbard and Kelley sing in the song’s chorus. “And I’ll hold you / In my arms, and I’ll never let go.”

The pair, who were nominated for four ACM Awards Friday and are heading out on tour July 1 joined by Dan + Shay, Morgan Wallen, Canaan Smith and Hardy, also teamed up with Jason Derulo to record the song “Women,” which is a timely tribute to all of the female influences in their lives.

“It’s a really special song to showcase women — our wives, our mothers, all the women in our life that mean so much to us, and just women in general for everything they do,” Hubbard says. “That’s another element we wanted to put on this album — how much we appreciate women — so I think that was a fun song to do it with and we loved working with Derulo.”

Other songs on their album include their hit single “Simple,” an upbeat genre-defying tempo track, “Swerve” and a typical down-home country song called “Y’all Boys” with rising artist Hardy.

The title track “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country,” is in some ways, a hit back at the critics who say the duo, who often push the limits of how country music has been traditionally defined, don’t fit into the genre.

And Hubbard and Kelley are really leaning into that idea, even drawing inspiration from hip hop and rap albums by breaking up the tracks with “skits” along the way from one of their friends named Chris (whom they affectionately refer to as “Nugget”).

“Our friend Chris sent us so many funny voicemails as his alter ego, this Brother Jervel guy, and we laughed so many times listening to them,” Hubbard says. “We figured we’d pull some inspiration from the old hip-hop and rap albums we used to love to listen to with the interludes in between.”

“We figured it’s something that hadn’t been done in a long time, so we were excited to mix it up and give the fans something different and lighten up the mood a little,” he continues. “It’s pretty fun.”

The duo spent the last year and a half of their lives investing in the album, trying to “get it perfect,” as Hubbard says, and now that it’s out, they say can’t wait for their fans to listen to it all the way through “from top to bottom — start to finish.”

“We’ve been intentional with how we placed every song and how we intro’d them with a little bit of comedy so it shows some personality,” Kelley says.

“We’ve been sitting on this for months and months trying to perfect it. [We’re excited] for our fans to get to party to it, get to cry to it, get to call their mom or their girl or their lover and tell them that they love them or they’re thinking about them, because music has so many different emotions it can pull. We’re just excited to finally have our collection, our lives on record, finally.”

Can't Say I Ain't Country is available now.

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