TUI is to cover all medical expenses and repatriation costs for Brits who test positive for coronavirus on holiday.

The tour operator will pay for any tests and health treatments, as well as any extended hotel stays enforced due to the virus.

TUI explained how they will not charge tourists for any of the following:

  • Overseas COVID-19 testing for suspected cases
  • Overseas medical assistance if a customer contracts COVID-19 while on holiday
  • Costs associated with an extended stay and a new return flight home if customers are asked to self-isolate while on holiday.
  • Dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline and app

The announcement is part of the holiday company's Holiday Promise, which will only sell holidays without strict restrictions and changes for tourists.

They explained: "As part of TUI’s new Holiday Promise, the UK’s biggest tour operator commits to only operating holidays where it’s able to guarantee an enjoyable, relaxing and safe holiday without significant changes at their destination."

The additional cover will be in place for all existing and new holidays up until the end of the year.

Richard Sofer, TUI UK & Ireland’s commercial and business development director told TTG: "In the most extreme example where let’s say a destination is closed down, then we would repatriate all our guests from that destination.

"If it was an isolated incident – those customers would probably be asked by the hotel to quarantine within the hotel room."

Andrew Flintham, Managing Director, TUI UK & Ireland added: "We’ve done a lot of work to ensure we can take our customers on relaxing, enjoyable and – most importantly – safe holidays again and it’s really exciting to be able to offer our customers additional peace of mind when booking with us, with our new COVID-19 Cover.

"It means that they can book with confidence, knowing that extra costs associated with COVID-19 that wouldn’t be covered by regular travel insurance, will be taken care of."

However, they have urged that this does not replace travel insurance, which travellers are still urged to buy, although many still do not cover coronavirus-cancellations.

In the most extreme example where let’s say a destination is closed down, then we would repatriate all our guests from that destination

TUI has also released their flight schedule for the summer, as limited flights resume from today.

From July 25, flight to Spain and Greece from Bristol Airport will resume, with other UK airports flying to Turkey and Greece from August 1.

Flights to Portugal, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco hope to continue this summer, depending on the government guidelines and restrictions.

TUI has already cancelled all holidays to Florida until the end of the year due to the strict regulations for Brits heading to Disney World – the US also remains on the UK travel ban list.

They explained in a statement: "The decision has been made following new health and safety measures implemented at Walt Disney World to ensure the safety of its guests."

"These changes would significantly impact the holiday experience for many TUI customers who plan their magical and often once-in-a-lifetime Florida holiday."

Other changes include mandatory face masks on planes, closing nightclubs and banning football games.

And some resorts will not be able to resume the popular kids clubs due to social distancing rules, while others face the closure of creches.

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