KNOWING when and how to book the best value holiday can be exhausting, with conflicting information on what days or where to look.

Travel experts have busted a number of common travel myths which say they can save you money.

Thanks to online trackers, it is easier than ever to monitor flight prices to find when they are cheapest and when they are most expensive.

This can make it difficult when trying to get the cheapest flight.

From what day of the week to book, to what kind of flights to book, these are some of the common myths which aren't always true.

Book flights on a Tuesday

Stating flight prices are cheapest on a Tuesday was once true.

This was because airlines would often put fare reservations online on Mondays, meaning cheap fares the following day.

However this is no longer true as airlines are constantly updating their flights, often daily.

William J. McGee, aviation adviser to Consumer Reports said airlines are now "very sophisticated" with fares changing 24 hours a day.

Instead, tracking flash sales are the better way to find cheap flights.

For example, sales can crop up around half terms and public holidays, making it the best time to book.

Platforms such as Google Flights let you track a particular route and date, who will then email you when the price goes up or down.

Current sales right now include £4.99 flights with Ryanair.

Round trip tickets are cheaper than two singles

Families looking to book a holiday will always find it much easier to book return flights in one purchase.

However, this may not always be the cheapest way.

Instead, buying two one way tickets to and from the destination could save money.

This could be for a number of reasons, including flying with two different airlines.

It could also be cheaper to change the city you are flying to and from, even if including the cost of internal travel.

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