PACKING for a holiday when you have limited space is challenging – especially if you want to look stylish while you're away.

But two frequent travellers have got some tips on packing light and taking care of your clothes while you're on holiday.

Designer and creative director Lucy Folk said one way to cut down on underwear was to get used to washing them in the hotel bath, so you don't have to pack more than you need.

She said to "washing underwear and socks in the hotel bath or bathroom sink" and then hanging them on the towel rail was the best way to free up space in suitcases for nicer clothes.

Creative director Ashley Helvey revealed that taking grated soap to wash clothes was the best way to get around the liquid restrictions too.

She said to “make this yourself by grating olive oil soap with a cheese grater and putting it in a little cotton sack", adding: "Add some essential oil and it will also keep your suitcase smelling good.”

The pair spoke to The Guardian about the importance of knowing what you're going to wear in advance, and taking clothes that are versatile.

Lucy said: "I like to pack things I can wear from day to night."

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She recommended taking twin sets, such as a matching top and skirt, "because you can vary your outfit but you still have one strong look."

She advised travellers going on a summer holiday to take clothes that can we worn at a hotel and at a beach, such as sarongs.

She said she likes sarongs because you "can wear them a myriad of ways, they are easy to wash, quick to dry… and they are great to put in your beach bag for a pre-lunch outfit change."

Ashley suggested taking one pair of flat shoes and more pair of heels, as well as more blouses than trousers or skirts.

She said: "A silk scarf and lipstick always make me feel fresh while travelling."

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