Many people dream to one day visit Australia before they die. It’s on many a bucket list due to amazing attractions and gorgeous weather throughout the country. But there’s a small yet growing group of people who wish to live in Australia, rather than just be a tourist. What better way to achieve this dream than to buy a hotel in the country?

As revealed by Travel + Leisure, the historic landmark known as the Bethungra Shirley Hotel is being practically given away by owners Robyn and Allan Cox, who are looking to move. Originally purchased by the couple for $470 000 Austrailian (which is about $341 000 USD), anyone can pay an application fee of $100 Australian- which is only about $73 USD!

The Bethungra Shirley Hotel is located near Cootamundra, which is within the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. It’s a big building, making it a great place for many different new ideas- something that the Coxes are more than open to. This includes (but is far from limited to) becoming a bed and breakfast, an open garden, a wedding venue, or something else entirely. Between its sheer size, stunning architecture, and picturesque location deep in Australia, anyone would be extremely lucky to own this hotel that will hopefully help in serving the community it resides in.

The Coxes are using Facebook to promote the giveaway of the Bethungra Shirley Hotel. The Facebook page includes both exterior and interior shots of the hotel for all to view. The couple has also gone so far as to add both the cost of furniture and all settlement fees to assist in lowering expenses for the new owner.

The ultimate goal for the Coxes right now is to hit at least 20 000 applicants. This specific number is so that the couple will be able to cover their accumulated costs now. Still, they aren’t worried about making the goal. The couple has admitted that any excess funds they receive will go towards their local hospital or community board. With the application site still in the making (and expected to arrive sometime in December), it will be both exciting and interesting to see who will become the new owner of the Bethungra Shirley Hotel.

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