If you’re looking to book your next holiday with your partner but are unsure where to go, fear not, the ‘sexiest’ cities in the world have been announced.

A survey carried out by Big 7 Travel just crowned Miami as the world’s sexiest city.

The international travel company used data from across the globe to come up with the shortlist, incorporating areas which have the highest levels of sexual activity, those which make the most ‘sexual searches’ online and the best cities for single people.

It also included nationalities perceived to be the ‘sexiest’, the high number of ‘romantic’ restaurants and data from which cities their readers deemed the ‘sexiest’.

All of these elements were compiled to form the top ten list.

Miami took the top spot – but not for its beaches. The data suggested the city’s ‘vibrant nightlife’ and ‘rich party culture’ were the reasons behind its ranking.

Unsurprisingly, Paris scooped second place. It’s cuisine, wine, and views made it one of the most romantic cities to visit.

Denver in the US state of Colorado followed behind at third place. Whereas Copenhagen placed fourth, thanks to Big 7 Travel’s readers ranking Danish as the second sexiest nationality in the world.

Cape Town took fifth place, due to research showing that South Africans ranked third globally for the highest number of Google searches for sex toys.

Zurich in Switzerland came in sixth, while Cap d’Agde in France placed seventh.

Eighth position was taken by Dublin – due to data showing that the Irish accent ranked as one of the world’s sexiest.

The final two spots went to Liverpool and LA at ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Ten ‘sexiest’ cities, according to new research

1. Miami

2. Paris

3. Denver

4. Copenhagen

5. Cape Town

6. Zurich

7. Cap d’Agde

8. Dublin

9. Liverpool

10. LA

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