Many travellers act inappropriately in the cabin despite it being a public place, from being inconsiderate to being dirty.

Some passengers feel it is okay to dry their clothes with one man spotted putting his underwear over the headrest.

During a different flight, a passenger hung their clothes along the overhead lockers and put all of their jumpers on seats around the cabin.

Thankfully it was an emptier flight although using it as a laundry room is frowned upon.

Another person failed to realise that their coat was completely blocking the in-flight entertainment screen behind them.

One common problem on flights, however, is people putting their feet on the armrests next to other passengers.

Some travellers at least keep their shoes on, while others choose to take their socks off for a much more relaxing experience at the expense of the person in front of them.

Cabins are small places but encroaching on other another traveller's personal space is often met with disdain.

Instagram account Passenger Shaming features some of the worst behaviours in the sky, with more than 770,000 followers.

Some of the rudest travellers have been shamed after featuring on the popular social media account.

Created by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen, she regularly posts pictures and videos of the very worst passengers to travel with.

A recent video captured a young child drawing on the back of the tray tables during a flight.

The video was met with disgust after the parent appeared to help the child scribble on the chair.

A Facebook user wrote: "Passenger should be charged with vandalism and then charged for clean up."

Another bizarre moment on a plane caught a woman allowing her child to use the potty in the middle of the flight.

The woman reportedly swore at flight attendants who told her to use the toilet on board, saying: "I don't give a s**t."

Online users were conflicted, with some saying it was "unsanitary" while others said it was "impossible" to change a diaper on a plane.


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