Set in Swedish Lapland within the Arctic Circle the hotel, Icehotel, has revealed its new look for this year – and it’s pulled out all the stops.

There is a part of the hotel that stays open all year round, but most of its suites are built in the winter.

The rooms are carved from 30,000 cubic metres of “snice”, which is a mixture of snow and ice from the Torne river, and the suites that are built each year to look completely different.

This year’s designs came from 34 different artists from 13 different countries, including India and New Zealand.

The project starts in March each year when 2,500 tons of ice is brought up from the river and kept until October when it is used for building.

Each room is a completely different space, depending on which artist designed it.

One room even has a VW campervan that’s been carved from snice, complete with a glowing campfire in the floor.

Jonas Johansson, one of the artists involved in the project, said: “We are inspired by the meeting of people and want to create an experience that invites curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

“It feels like a dream to get to work with ice that allows our love for light, shine and reflection to wander free from thought to creation.”

It costs from £256 per night with breakfast included to stay at the hotel in January. Click here to book.

If you pay for a night there you’ll get the chance to go ice-fishing, reindeer sledding or ice sculpting.

There’s also an ice bar – and the chance to see the Northern Lights.

But make sure to wrap up warm as temperatures can reach a decidedly frosty -6C.

Sun Online Travel previously went to visit the Ice Hotel for the night – and it was very chilly indeed.

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