Ryanair claims new baggage policy has slashed queues at security and improved punctuality by 11%

  • The no-frills airline implemented a new baggage policy that started last week 
  • Passengers now must pay at least £6 for any bag that won’t fit under a seat
  • Ryanair says that the change has been welcomed by customers and airports  

Ryanair has claimed that its new baggage policy has so far been a success, claiming that it has slashed security queues at security and improved punctuality by 11 per cent in its first week of operation.

Since November 1, the no-frills airline has no longer allowed passengers to take a small suitcase in the hold for free, forcing them to pay a minimum of £6 for any bag that won’t fit under the seat in front.

Despite reports of confusion at airports across Europe when the policy came into force Ryanair claimed that it has been welcomed by both customers and airports across Europe.

Ryanair has claimed that its new baggage policy that was implemented last week, has slashed queues at security and improved punctuality by 11 per cent

It said that the new rules meant passengers were moving through security more quickly because the volume of carry-on bags had fallen.

The airline also said there had been faster boarding times, fewer flight delays and that punctuality had improved. It is now 88 per cent compared to 77 per cent in the week before the policy change.

The new policy stipulates that all passengers can take one small personal bag on board for free, which must be no bigger than 40x20x25cm – a 40 per cent increase in size allowance – and it must fit under the seat in front.

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Any bag bigger than this must be paid for one way or another.

Passengers can pay £6 for priority boarding, which means they can take a second bigger bag into the cabin, or pay between £8 and £10 to check-in a bag up to 10kg, or £25 for a bag bigger than that. 

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: ‘We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our customers and airports across Europe that our new bag policy has reduced airport security queues and improved the boarding gate experience, with 11 per cent better punctuality, as we eliminate free gate bags and related flight delays.

‘Ryanair customers have already saved millions of euro as they switch from our £25 x 20kg checked bag to our new lower cost £8 x 10kg checked bag option.

‘Up to 50 per cent of customers continue to bring two free carry-on bags as they choose our priority boarding service.’

However, there are several passengers who it’s doubtful would share Ryanair’s rosy appraisal of the policy.

Since November 1, the no-frills airline no longer allows passengers to take a small suitcase in the hold for free, forcing them to pay a minimum of £6 for any bag that won’t fit under the seat in front


Passengers also took to Twitter to complain about the new policy which came into force last week 

When it was introduced last week, many passengers complained that the policy was confusing and had ‘ripped them off’.

For example, a children’s football team heading to Dublin faced charges of up to £400 they had not budgeted for when they arrived at Stansted Airport.

Mother, Selina McManus from Watford who was taking her son Dylan, 10, to Dublin on tour, said: ‘It has cost me £40 and if you look in total it will cost the entire team £200 each way. I just feel like I have been ripped off, it doesn’t feel great.’

Rozhin Amini , 30, was heading home to Germany after holidaying in the UK and was also faced with extra charges.

He said: ‘We booked back in September and none of this had come in, we’ve had to pay an extra £10. Luckily me and my friend were able to put two bags in one.

‘You just have to expect Ryanair to get you to pay more for everything. In our situation it wasn’t very good.’

While Andrew Rutherford, from Kingston, south west London, who was catching a Ryanair flight to the south of France last week, added: ‘You might as well quadruple the price of their flights because you end up paying so much more than they say you will.

‘They are not doing themselves any favours. You can pay £9.99 for the flight and then £69 in add-ons.

‘I’d rather they just tell you it’s going to cost £70 from the start. It is like they are trying to charge us for everything nowadays.’

Meanwhile the airline was slammed earlier this week for refusing to waive its £55 airport check-in fee on Thursday, despite passengers being unable to check-in for free online for a 12-hour period up to 5am on that day.

The carrier confirmed on Monday that its online services including its website and mobile app will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday, November 7, for 12 hours for an upgrade.

The airline encourages all passengers to check in online or on the mobile app, charging a £55 fee for those who forget and have to check-in at the airport.

The fact that it won’t waive its fee following the system shutdown has been described by Rory Boland, the Which? Travel editor, as a stance that’s ‘wholly unfair’.

However, a spokesman for Ryanair told MailOnline Travel: ‘Our existing boarding card reissue fee will apply, which is why we’re giving customers travelling on Wednesday and Thursday sufficient notice to check-in for their flights before the website closure.’


Extra legroom seats (row 1, 2 and 16-17) –  €15.00 / £15.00  

Front seats (rows 2 – 5) – €13.01 / £13.01 

Standard Seats (rows 6-15 and 18-33) – €4.00 / £4.00  

Boarding card re-issue fee – €20 / £20

Priority boarding from (per person/per one way flight) – from €5.00 / £5.00 (An increased charge is applicable for priority boarding on selected routes.)

Airport check-in fee – €55 / £55 

Infant fee – €25 / £25 (per infant/per one way flight – must be under two years for both outbound and return flight)

Infant/child equipment (car, booster, travel cot) – €15 / £15 online and €25 / £25 at the airport 

Bike – €60 / £60 online and €75 / £75 at the airport 

Large sports item – €55 / £55 online and €65 / £65 at the airport 

Sports equipment – €35 / £35 online and €40 / £40 at the airport 

Ski equipment – €45 / £45 online and €50 / £50 at the airport 

Golf clubs – €35 / £35 online and €40 / £40 at the airport 

Musical instrument – €55 / £55 online and €65 / £65 at the airport 

Flight change fees – from €35 – €65 online and €50 – €95 at the airport 

Name change fee per passenger – €115 / £115 online and €160 / £160 at the airport

Government tax refund administration fee per passenger – €20 / £17 

Booking fee at the airport – €20 / £20 

Therapeutic oxygen reservation fee – €55 / £55 

Missed departure fee – €100 / £100 

Hold fare fee – €3.00/£3.00  


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