Darren Belling was flying from Dubai to Helsinki on his way to represent his country in the World Para Ice Hockey Championships in October when the incident occurred.

Darren said he asked flight attendants about a wheelchair to use the toilet three hours into the journey but the flight attendant told him they “don't carry on-board wheelchairs” and he would have to hold it for the seven-hour journey, the BBC reports.

It was then that airline staff decided to bring Darren an empty water bottle as a means for him to relieve himself while seated.

He claims, however, that they tried to charge him for a blanket to cover up with.

Darren told the BBC: "I was just in disbelief over the level of treatment. It just throws up in your face that you've got a disability and some people and businesses don't have an empathetic view of it and treat you differently."

FlyDubai told the BBC they are unable to provide wheelchairs on board.

Some airlines have special narrow wheelchairs that fit down the aisle for instances like this, though often the lavatories are too small to accommodate them.

To make matters worse, Darren had further difficulty on his return trip home to Australia on an Emirates flight. When he landed, the airline informed him his wheelchair had been left behind.

He said: "They told me there was no room for it in the hold so they didn't put it in.”

The athlete said he was left “humiliated” by the experiences.

FlyDubai apologized to Belling in a statement, saying the airline is conducting a “full investigation… to understand how this happened."

This story originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed that a disabled passenger was removed from a Qantas flight and the staff called the police – after a row over his wheelchair.

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