The convenient mode of transport is designed to pick you up from your home and drop you off at your destination without a delayed flight in sight.

The Autonomous Travel Suite – a battery-powered hotel room, complete with sleeping, cooking and toilet facilities – comes from Toronto-based designers Aprilli.

It's mobile, road-ready and completely driverless and you can get on at home and get off once you reach your destination.

There's no need to carry your luggage around or deal with delayed flights and lengthy transfers, so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday.

Just about everything inside is customisable.

According to Curbed, the Suite could be suitable for solo travellers and families.

Aside from the basic facilities in all rooms, it can also be equipped with extras such as a TV or an additional bed.

Everything on board, from setting your destinations to controlling the temperature, can be done through an app.

It even uses smart glass so you can dim the windows for extra privacy.

At the moment, the Suite is just a concept, but Steve Lee, one of its designers, told USA Today that he hopes it might be come a reality by 2030.

The designer sees the Suite as being part of a hotel network where, once the traveller is in the destination city, the mobile room will dock onto a parent suite.

It's here that guests will be able to charge their Suites, which can operate for around 10 hours at a time.

They will also have access to additional facilities, such as gyms, spas and dining facilities.

And while on the road, a network of drones could be used to deliver food to guests.

It's not just going to make the journey easier though – Steve thinks it will make it cheaper too, as you won't have to double up on paying for both hotel and travel.

While air travel seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable, designers are increasingly focusing on more luxurious modes of transport for the road.

Last year, Sun Online revealed that Surrey-based designers have come up with a futuristic 'sleep' bus for commuters.

Passengers would sleep in pods that come equipped with pillows, duvets and even soothing smells to help you get some rest.

You could get food delivered and can even charge your phone and access Wifi while on board.

And in case you're worried about missing your stop, stewards are on hand to wake you up.

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