Flyer Stephen Prosser is suing British Airways for being seated next to an obese passenger on a flight more than two years ago, claiming it left him injured.

The airline confirmed the situation in a statement to USA TODAY Saturday.

“We welcome all passengers aboard our aircraft and our crew are trained to ensure passengers have a comfortable journey,” the statement read. “We are pleased that our crew provided additional pillows and blankets to help Mr. Prosser have a more restful trip.​”

The statement also said the airline is “resisting the claim,” but could not comment further since “the case is subject to ongoing proceedings.”

CNN and The Independent reported that the 51-year-old from South Wales told Pontypridd County Court officials Friday that sitting next to the “extremely large” passenger during a 12-hour flight from Bangkok to London in January 2016 left him with a back spasm and pelvic injury.

“I sat with his knees wedged against the seat in front and the rest of his body was over spilling into my seat by some inches,” Prosser said. “I was immediately aware that this was going to be problematic for me and I could feel the weight of his pure bulk putting lateral pressure on my upper body.”

Prosser said he had to stop working for three months and visit a chiropractor for two years following the incident.

Prosser added that he did not confront the passenger because he appeared “self-conscious,” but said the flight crew told him no other seats were available when he complained.

USA TODAY has reached out to Pontypridd County Court.

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