Australian Love Island winner Anna McEvoy is branded ‘inconsiderate’ by etiquette expert after row with airplane passenger… but not everyone agrees

  • Anna McEvoy, from Melbourne, uploaded a video to TikTok after flying to Dubai 
  • The Love Island Australia winner reclined her seat back during the 16 hour flight
  • She asked was she wrong for inconveniencing the passenger sitting behind her? 

An Australian Love Island winner who flew to Dubai on a 16 hour flight has sparked an online debate after wondering whether she inconvenienced the woman sat behind her on the flight.

Anna McEvoy, 31, from Melbourne, Australia, won the second series of the dating show in November 2019, alongside her former partner Josh Packham. 

The reality TV star is now a business owner and the co-host of relationship and lifestyle podcast ‘Where’s Your Head At?’, which sees her to jetseting around the globe for both business and leisure. 

After a flight to Dubai in August, McEvoy took to TikTok to share with her 80,000 followers about an awkward exchange between her and another passenger. 

Titled “Dirtiest look ive ever received,” the video has since amassed over 56,000 views, over 1000 likes and 38 comments from fans and TikTok users who shared their opinions on the controversial travel topic.

Love Island Australia season two winner Anna McEvoy, 31, from Melbourne , Australia, sparked an online debate after reclining her seat on a 16 hour flight to Dubai in August 

Looking fresh faced and sitting in what appears to be an airport, Anna began: ‘Okay travel story time.

‘I just took a 16 hour flight – Melbourne to Dubai – and it was a night flight. As soon as we took off, I put my seat back as I wanted to try and get as much sleep as physically possible.

Describing how the passenger ‘cracked it’ – Australian colloquialism for a person being in a bad mood – the former Love Islander continued: ‘And the lady behind me literally cracked it that I put my seat back on a night flight.

‘So initially, I moved it back up, and then I was like, no, I’m gonna have to say something ’cause I wanna sleep throughout the flight.

‘Anyway I said to her “I’m gonna put it back ’cause I need to get some sleep, but you can, like, tilt your screen so that you can see – hope that’s okay.”‘

Anna then disclosed her fellow passengers’ dismissive response to her suggestion, saying: ‘This lady death stared me, like, she didn’t even reply, she just gave me the dirtiest deathliest look ever. 

She concluded the story by ultimately asking her online audience: ‘Am I in the wrong?’

Comments flooded in from fans and TikTok users who debated whether the TV and podcast star truly had been in the wrong, while considering the need to rest on a 16 hour flight. 

McEvoy skeptically asked her 80K following on TikTok if she may have inconvenienced a female passenger sat behind her, who she claimed had ‘death stared’ her during the incident

Agreeing with McEvoy’s point of view, one commenter wrote, ‘Definitely not she could have reclined her seat and it is the same amount of space.’ 

Another said: ‘Seats go back for a reason. She needs to get over herself or pay for a seat up the front.’

A third agreed while sharing her own awkward experience: ‘I did this coming home from Bali. Night flight also. The lady behind me kept making remarks about how squashed she was lol.’

Other individuals were on the fence, expressing that it was more considerate to recline once a meal had been finished. 

One person wrote, ‘If it was after the meal then totally acceptable,’ while another said, ‘I agree after the meal is okay. But I always try to put it back only half way to be considerate.’

Comments flooded in from fans and TikTok users who debated whether the TV and podcast star truly had been in the wrong, while considering the need to rest on a 16 hour flight

Some commenters, however, found the idea of reclining invasive and ‘rude,’ with one writing: ‘Yes… wait till service is done.’

Another individual wrote: ‘Yes you are in the wrong! It’s rude. It’s not about her screen, it’s about the confined space.’

It comes after an etiquette expert claimed in June that reclining your airline seat is the height of bad manners.

Etiquette aficionado Diane Gottsman said: ‘Unless you were sitting in a seat with extra legroom, or in first class, it would be inconsiderate to recline your seat.’

To avoid disaster, experts have advised to first ask the person if you can or, at the very least, check what they are doing.

Christopher Elliot, consumer advocate and journalist, said to never recline your seat if the passenger behind you is tall, injured or disabled.

He said there are only a few circumstances which grants reclining your seat, such as on a redeye flight or if you have certain ailments such as having a bad back. 

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