And once you realise what goes on behind the scenes, you might suddenly want to bring your own catering on board – just like the cabin crew.

Writing on Quora, Randy Jones, a private pilot of almost two decades, revealed that your food and drink on board can be contaminated in all sorts of ways.

He said: "The people who take the trash and waste off of the aircraft from the previous flight are usually the same people who cater the aircraft.

"And while they’re required to wear gloves, the gloves are often not changed in between tasks. Oh, and the garbage is removed first."

Randy also confirmed that coffee on board is something you should watch out for.

Sun Online Travel recently revealed that the coffee served on board is made from water stored in tanks that are rarely cleaned and could be contaminated with faeces.

But according to Randy, the situation could he worse.

Not only is the water on board often refilled from a port near where the toilet waste is extracted from, it might not be as drinkable as you think.

Randy said that the water used to refill the tank is not purified before it goes on the plane – so if a city has poor quality drinking water, that is what you're getting on board as well.

Randy isn't alone in writing about the questionable food and drink on board.

Shreyas Parikh, who has been a flight attendant for five major airlines, explained on Quora that cabin crew often choose to bring their own food.

He said that plane food tends to be "very unhealthy", even if you have ordered a special meal.

As food tastes bland on planes, they're often pumped with spices, salts and fats to improve the flavour.

But that's perhaps not the worst part – if you order a scrambled egg or an omelette, the chances are, you're not getting quite what you bargained for.

According to Shreyas, you're likely to be getting a "mix of egg and other substitute".

And then there's the fact that your meal was probably prepared hours if not days earlier.

Earlier this year, Sun Online Travel revealed that pilots will generally eat different food to what's offered to passengers.

The two pilots on board must also have different food from each other to reduce the chances of food poisoning.

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