Kayak is making Valentine’s Day plans for long distance couples a whole lot easier.

The travel fare aggregator launched Rendezvous earlier this week, a tool that helps people in two different cities find the cheapest place to meet up.

To use, just enter the two cities of departure and your desired dates of travel.

Kayak then calculates the best, most affordable cities where you should meet up, determined by the combined lowest airfare cost.

For example, if you live in New York City and your significant other lives in Houston, Rendezvous suggests Chicago as one of the cheapest destination, setting you back a total of $294 (depending on specific travel dates) for both flights.

The tool is also great for making meet-up plans with friends (Galentines Day, anyone?) or for family holiday plans.

In a statement to USA TODAY Friday, Kayak’s vice president of marketing David Solomito said Rendezvous not only brings you and your loved one together, but helps you explore a new destination.

“Whether you’re a couple in a long distance relationship or two friends living in different cities looking for a weekend escape, you’ve likely visited the others’ home city more times than you can count,” he said. “Knowing that Valentine’s Day weekend is the second most popular travel weekend of Q1, we wanted to make it easier for those separated from their friends and loved ones to not only find an affordable destination to meet in the middle but also explore a new one.”

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