Washing up on holiday… brilliant! Hairy Biker Dave Myers recalls his holidays of a lifetime

  • Dave Myers remembers his first time abroad when he hitch-hiked to Paris 
  • His best holiday was to Thailand four years ago – he went to the Full Moon Party
  • He also recalls his honeymoon on a posh cruise, the Cunard’s Queen Victoria

Continuing our series on the holiday experiences of famous people, Hairy Biker Dave Myers, 61, recalls a lifetime of adventures…

First holiday I can remember

Going to the Isle of Man when I was eight. My parents took me to see the TT races [an annual motorcycle event in June]. It was incredible seeing all the bikes, and the noise they made was deafening! 

I got to meet my heroes Mike Hailwood and Phil Read. I also stayed in a hotel for the first time. I love the Isle of Man and try to go as often as I can.

Culinary explorer: Dave, in the hat, with fellow Hairy Biker Si King in Israel

First school trip

It was youth hosteling in the Lake District when I was ten. Mr Vendy from Cambridge Street Junior School, in Barrow-in-Furness, took a bunch of us hiking. For many, including myself, it was our first experience of sleeping away from home. 

We were in bunk-bed dormitories and had to help wash up. It was my first real feeling of independence, very liberating.

First time abroad

When I was 18 my dad gave me the money to go to Paris for my birthday. I hitch-hiked from Cumbria to London, then caught the train to Paris. I wandered the streets eating steak haché, drinking beers and stopping to draw typical French scenes, imagining I was an Impressionist.

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My honeymoon

In 2011, Liliana and I booked a posh cruise on Cunard’s Queen Victoria and went first class. However, we had a row on the first night with each of us vowing to get off the ship at the next port, which was Cadiz. But, by the time we reached there two days later, we had made up and were all loved up again. I came back broke and the fattest I have ever been.

Best ever holiday…

It was four years ago with my wife and two stepchildren. We went to Thailand for Christmas and New Year. They were 19 and 24, so really appreciated it. We had the best time, eating lobster and drinking cold Thai beers on the beach for Christmas dinner and even going to a full moon party on New Year’s Eve.

… and my worst

I used to love Goa, sleeping in a hut on the beach for £4 a night and eating amazing food. But when I returned five years ago, I found that the same hut was £80 a night and the place was full of Russians eating spaghetti carbonara.

Memories: David pictured with his mother in the late 1950s

Essential holiday item

My moustache wax. If I don’t get it in place, I end up eating my face.

Dream destination

Always the next one. I have been so lucky travelling but there are always new places to explore, such as Nicaragua this summer. Peru is also on my bucket list.

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