So flight attendants have developed a brilliant, but very bizarre, way for cleaning out any stains.

According to one member of cabin crew, the way to get the best results is to use a sanitary towel.

Flight attendant Emily Witkop told the New York Post: “One trick is not only to use the ever-handy club soda to lift the stain but to put in on a sanitary napkin to blot the stain."

The reason they use these women's pads is because they don't leave fluff or residue on a passenger's clothing – they just soak the offending liquid right up.

But unsurprisingly, they don't crack out the female hygiene products for every traveller.

She added: “You must use good judgement on who you offer this solution to, they will either love it or be absolutely horrified.”

The cabin crew are unlikely to be spilling much of the wine on themselves though – they're too busy saving it for later.

Because flight attendants often collect the dregs at the bottom of wine bottles on flights and save them for after they’ve landed.

The practice is so widespread that they even have a name for it, “crew juice.”

A flight attendant revealed the secret on the aviation forum Flyertalk, after a passenger asked why crew member was seen pouring wine into a plastic water bottle.

The traveller, who goes by the name of Rlbmorton, said: “On a flight from Dulles to Dubai while everyone was sleeping, a flight attendant was pouring red wine from one of the bottles into a plastic water bottle and then putting it away in a pocket.

“I was shocked. Is there any reason why a flight attendant might be doing this for a good reason?”

A flight attendant with the nickname Clubord answered: “We refer to that as crew juice.”

Another called Qqfl added: "For those unfamiliar, crew juice is usually made on-board the plane with leftovers and then consumed on the layover… either en route to the hotel or at the hotel.

"Crew juice comes in many, many flavours and colours, with no specific recipe – no two are ever alike, but they can usually get you lit pretty quickly.”

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