Three separate 48 hours strikes will take place in November and December.

The dates have been announced as November 20, November 26 and December 21 and will take place from 5am each morning.

Those travelling on December 21 will be affected just before Christmas as the walkout will last until December 23.

Workers who help disabled and elderly passengers will be going on strike as they are asking for a £1 per hour pay rise.

The employees are part of the Unite union and are currently paid £8.27 per hour, which they say is less than staff who work on the luggage trolleys at Gatwick.

Unite regional officer, Jamie Major, said: “Our members have given us an overwhelming mandate for strike action in their dispute over this massive inequality in pay.

“The last thing our members want is to cause inconvenience and distress to those passengers who rely on their services during their time at Gatwick Airport – but they feel they have been forced into a corner by a tight-fisted management who refuse to address the pay inequality issue.

“The current pay of £8.27 an hour for our members is less than the voluntary UK living wage which is currently £8.75 outside London – and the south east is one of the most expensive places to live in the country.”

A spokesperson for Gatwick said: "We encourage both sides to continue discussions and to work for an outcome to resolve the dispute.

"The welfare of our passengers remains our top priority however and we remain confident that services at the airport will not be disrupted."

It's recommended that passengers due to fly from Gatwick on those dates check that their travel insurance will cover their flight in case of cancellation.

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