One passenger complained that they were charged extra at the gate to take their bags on – after they had already paid online.

Some have been unable to book priority boarding on the app, which means they are allowed to take a suitcase on board the plane.

Twitter user Jeremy_Mixology wrote: “@Ryanair last week I got charged £10 at the gate for hand luggage. This week I paid the £10 from the app prior flying.

“But it had to be checked in!? So I paid another £10 at the gate, is this a joke? Everyone else paid £10. I paid £20.”

User Azul_Mistico tweeted: “@Ryanair – you’re telling me I need to pay to bring a normal cabin bag onto my flight, but your app doesn’t work and the website doesn’t show me the option to do it.

“So what? Am I gonna get charged a fortune at the airport because your system doesn’t work?”

Neil C wrote: “@Ryanair any chance of sorting your website or app out so I can book priority boarding please? Otherwise I'm refusing to pay the baggage charge at the gate.”

Eleanoir Watchorn wrote: "I have tried to add priority boarding with 2 cabin bags to my trip so I don’t get charged £25 at the gate but it’s not anywhere to be seen.

“Not in manage bookings which is where I was told by live chat to look and it wasn’t an option during check in via the app. A joke.”

A Ryanair spokesperson said: "There is no issue with our app, it is working normally. Only priority boarding customers can bring 2 free carry-on bags (1 x 10kg wheelie bag and 1 small bag). Priority boarding is capped at 95 customers per flight (out of 189 customers) and sold on a first come, first served basis.

"Customers can not add priority boarding to their booking if it is sold out."

They also said that user Jeremy_Mixology "purchased a 10kg check-in bag and failed to check it in at the bag drop and was therefore charged a gate bag fee."

The spokesperson added that for user Azul_Mistico: "Priority boarding was sold out for this flight. If non-priority customers want to bring a 2nd bigger (wheelie) bag they can buy a lower cost 10kg check bag for £8 at time of booking. This 10kg wheelie bag must be checked in at the airport bag drop desk."

This isn't the first time that there have been problems with the Ryanair app.

Passengers have previously complained that when booking on the app, a glitch can cause them to pay an extra £115 fee for each leg of their journey.

Customers have complained on Twitter that when booking a flight for more than one person on the app, the bookings are automatically made with the surname of the person who booked.

This happens even if the two passengers have different surnames.

Customers have said that Ryanair is then charging a fee of £115 per person to get surnames corrected.

Twitter user Andrei Terentyev wrote: “When you book a Ryanair flight for someone in your @Ryanair profile, Ryanair substitutes this person's last name to yours.

“The ticket becomes unusable unless you pay €115 name change fee, often more than ticket price. Wonder how many people lost their money because of this error!”

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