AIR passengers might find someone else's feet on their arm rest disgusting, but a stomach-churning photo has taken it to the next level.

One passenger spotted a fellow traveller who was apparently dripping yellow pus from a leg injury.

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The photo, shared on the Instagram account Passenger Shaming, shows a male passenger merely sitting and watching the in-flight entertainment screen with a bandage covering some kind of wound on his leg.

The problem is, the wound is seeping, and the yellowish substance is dripping down his leg and forming a puddle around his foot on the floor.

It's unclear what airline the man was flying with, or indeed what on earth was going on with his leg.

Inevitably, Instagram users reacted in the extreme, with many declaring the snap to be the worst post on Passenger Shaming yet.

One user commented: “Nope. No. Not EVER. NO.”

Another added: “I can’t with this … this is the worst one yet.”

One person wrote: “That is one of the grossest things I have ever seen.”

Even a professional claimed they couldn’t deal with the sight, writing: “I’m a doctor but I did barf in my mouth a little upon seeing this!!! Dear Lord let it be a Halloween prank or something.”

Another said the man’s indifference to his condition was the reason she always packed cleaning wipes in her carry-on bag.

She said: “People look at me like I’m a complete weirdo (and maybe I am) for bringing wipes on the plane and wiping down anything and everything that I might touch or might touch me.

“I’m a nurse and I’ve seen first hand how disgusting people can be.”

Someone else simply said: “That’s some serious unfit-to-fly sh*t right there.”

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The Passenger Shaming Instagram account sheds light on some of the most disgusting passengers in the air.

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