The new Galaxy's Edge attraction will feature a ride called Rise of the Resistance, opening later this year.

The ride will feature more than "300 animatronic figures" according to podcast Theme Park Stop by Alicia Stella, and will last nearly half an hour.

Ride goers who take part will start the adventure on the Star Destroyer ship before being taken as prisoners by the First Order.

They will then be rescued and recruited by the Resistance, where they will face Kylo Ren before fighting their way back to safety.

The new Star Wars land is due to open at Disneyland California in June this year, and at Disney World Orlando in autumn.

Walt Disney Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge previously revealed the secrets of the ride on Christmas Day.

He said: "This attraction invites you to be recruited to the Resistance and stand up against the First Order. And you even come face-to-face with Kylo Ren.

"You make it through that, you get back to the planet, you’ll be a hero of the Resistance and be celebrated throughout the land."

Other rides that have been revealed in the new Star Wars land is the Millennium Falcon, where guests can be in the cockpit as a pilot or gunman.

Families can even rent their own Millennium Falcon buggy for their children to ride around the park.

The new land is part of the billion-dollar renovation across the Disney parks, with Star Wars composer John Williams creating new music exclusively for the attraction..

Disney World is also to open a unique Star Wars hotel as part of the experience.

Guests will be encouraged to carry out their own story within the hotel by interacting with staff members and dressing in authentic clothes.


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