Mickey Mouse ears and hats are trademark Disney headgear since the 1950s. There are variations of the ear designs, and in fact, some of the newest designs debuted at the World of Disney store at Disney Springs last weekend, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Stefanie Whitmore, the director of merchandise strategy and product development, spoke with journalists about the mousey earwear, as well as other merchandising trends.

Disney has chosen not to tinker with the traditional mouse eared hats, and Whitmore stated this was because they truly did not want to “mess with a classic.” The change is subtle, it seems, with the addition of a red liner and words from the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. One line included is “Who’s the leader of the club,” as well as names which can still be embroidered on the back of the mouse ear hats.

As for the second style change, Whitmore says it is a straightforward ballcap equipped with the mouse ears and topped with a Mickey Mouse Club patch. The hat will be black, aside from the text on the back of the hat, which reads “Official Mouseketeer.”

“The back of the merchandise has become almost as important as the front.”

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There will also be a third version of the hat, which is actually going to be more of a headband. The strap features a shiny mouse ear hat which will be attached at an angle to the headband. All three of these new pieces will be part of the new Mickey Mouse Club Collection. The collection is in celebration of Mickey’s upcoming 90th birthday and will eventually be available in stores outside of the World of Disney stores. Another aspect of the collection will include an athletic letterman jacket. A mini fanny pack will also be included into the collection; an item that may be split in popularity.

“This has been a huge trend in retail for a while now. So with the nostalgic, kind of vintage feel of this collection, it felt right to do a mini fanny pack.”

Naturally, the holidays have not been left out of the new headgear to hit Disney. There will be three holiday versions, one of which will have an official Christmas plaid, and another will have fuzzy, black pompom ears. Whitmore also stated that the headwear will be much more comfortable.

“We’ve changed the fit completely. They’re a lot more comfortable. They have a lot more give.”

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