Ree Mistry, a medic from London, booked the five-star holiday with Tui with her fiance, but faced problems from the first day.

She explained to Sun Online Travel how their problems started on the plane journey.

Ree said: "We hardly had any food on our 10-hour flight as they ran out and then on arrival my partner's bag did not make an appearance, which was very stressful.

"We even paid £100 for a taxi out of our own pocket after the last shuttle left us at the airport."

They arrived at the Royalton White Sands hotel to stay for two weeks, only to be met with horrifying conditions.

She said: "On arrival to the hotel, we found the toilet was flooding, the shower only had one setting – hot and hotter – which no human could stand under; after a 20-hour flight we couldn’t even have a shower.

"The toilet door creaked when opened and closed and the walls were mouldy.

"I travel a fair bit and stay in five-star hotels, this was not five-star, it was more like a two-star hotel."

The next morning, they complained about the issue and were moved to a second room, which was even worse.

She said: "I complained about the second room but they said they couldn't help and couldn't upgrade us as there was no availability.

"There was a hotel next door called Blue Sands and we asked if we could be moved over but they also said there was no availability."

She added: "For a five-star hotel which is all inclusive you do not expect the fridge to be empty, the safe to be dysfunctional and broken and the toilet and shower to be leaking (in the second room as well).

"The hygiene of the hotel was disgusting with rust and mould and the plates and glasses were 80 per cent dirty.

"The plates and glasses were dirty with lipstick marks and smelt funny.

"We spent the least amount of time in the room as we could by going on excursions."

It isn't the first complaint about the standard of the hotel, with other guests complaining about the rooms on TripAdvisor.

One guest wrote that the rooms were "small, old, dirty, and smelled like mildew with mould throughout," and needed "renovation ASAP".

Another guest wrote: "If you experience an issue, no one really cares or multiple requests must be made."

One said that "everything in the room was broken including doors, shower, AC, [and] jacuzzi."

A Tui spokesperson told Sun Online Travel Ree has since been given a holiday voucher of £1,625, which she accepted.

They said: "We’re very sorry to hear of the Mistry party’s experience on their recent holiday to Jamaica.

"We really appreciate all feedback, and when the customers raised their concerns we offered a gesture of goodwill to apologise."

Sun Online Travel recently reported how a Tui customer was left with infected arms after getting severe bed bug bites while on holiday.

Elaine Wishart was on a luxury holiday with the operator when she was bitten.

She told Sun Online Travel that she had to take time off work to recover from her bites.

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