In between one scare and the next, you want to snap some selfies of you and your friends getting spooked at a Halloween drive-thru. After all, to witness a tunnel illuminated by jack-o’-lanterns or a frightening clown running up to your window is a pretty exclusive thing. It’s a #must that you snap a selfie and post it on social media with one of these Instagram captions for Halloween drive-thru pics.

Reminiscing on your experience will be so much better if you do, even if the selfies and candids you capture are a little blurry. The blurriness will be a sweet reminder that you were having a good time, pointing out the skeletons that were being displayed with a strobe light, and an array of whimsical creatures that were dancing in the night. Those photos will also go so well with a vintage-looking edit or a film frame from the Tezza or Unfold apps, which makes them look like they’re in a scrapbook.

Of course, if you’d rather have crisper photos to look back on, you could absolutely pose in your costume outside of your car, before leaving your home for the event. You might also be able to pose with the entrance sign that may read, "Scares happen here." No matter what type of picture you take and post, be sure to use one of these Insta captions for Halloween drive-thru pics and getting spooked on-the-go.

1. "This is where the scary stuff happens."

2. "Accidentally met up with some ghosts and goblins."

3. "My GPS decided to take me on a spooky route."

4. "I want to live in this pumpkin tunnel full-time."

5. "Feeling thankful that the car window was between me and the clowns."

6. "Pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts. Oh my!"

7. "I thought we were getting food…"

8. "A scary movie just came to life before my eyes."

9. "I’m so happy I live in a world where Halloween exists."

10. "All dressed up for the Halloween drive-thru."

11. "First, it’s spooky. Then, it’s filled with treats."

12. "It’s totally ghoul that they set up this drive-thru."

13. "I’ve got a bone to pick with you."

14. "Later, witches. I’m off to the drive-thru."

15. "Creeping it real cute and spooky this year."

16. "I’ve never met a Halloween event I didn’t like."

17. "This way to tricks and treats galore."

18. "What ghost around, comes around."

19. "Somebody put a spell on this street."

20. "The ghosts can’t get us in the backseat, right?"

21. "Getting into the spirit of the holiday."

22. "Taken in between jump scares."

23. "Who knew the city could be so spooky?"

24. "Going to the drive-thru together is squad goals."

25. "But first, let’s eat some candy and go to the drive-thru."

26. "I jumped out of my seat many, many times."

27. "Do more things with hocus and pocus."

28. "Parked in a pumpkin tunnel, aka living the dream."

29. "Can I take one of the pumpkins home, please?"

30. "The spooky vibes are so real."

31. "The Halloween creatures have nothing on me."

32. "I was named designated driver for tonight, since I don’t scare easy."

33. "Driving through to get inspiration for my Halloween decor."

34. "Beware: This drive-thru may contain boos."

35. "Life is better when you’re in the backseat with a pointy hat on."

36. "Got spooked?"

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