This week Jupiter's once in 12 yearly visit to Sagittarius invites us all to explore the wild and wonderful world outside the comfort zone…

ARIES: Uranus the Rearranger's last visit to Aries this century offers a final four months to tweak the details on reinventing yourself: personally, professionally, creatively, financially, spiritually. Meanwhile, Jupiter packs the bags and sends you on a quest for the best way of combining authentic self-expression with peaceful coexistence.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

TAURUS: Taurean honeys love their money, so you'll be interested to learn that opportunity-bringing Jupiter going ka-ching in your sector of joint ventures for the next year suggests that teaming up could turn your money green. This week's new moon could even see you sorting the details of a deal…

GEMINI: This week genial Jupiter fires the starter gun on your lucky love year, blessing you with affection from every direction: public and private, personal and professional. With partnering up, pooling resources, combining skills and sharing information looking like your success recipe for the foreseeable future, why wait when you can collaborate?

CANCER: While Venus retrograde is liable to mood swings, this could still be a romantic week for the crab clan, partnered or solo. If you have to take a project back to the drawing board, know that big-picture Jupiter in your organisation sector for the next 13 months will be productive, successful and rewarding.

LEO: Good-news Jupiter in your entertaining house of creative passion and entrepreneuring sends waves of opportunity, expansion, luck, adventure and much more fun your way during its year-long stay. But with this week's Mercury and Uranus both mouthy and outspoken, watch you're not sabotaged by your own runaway tongue.

VIRGO: Uranus doing a four-month rejig of contracts and commitments is backed by this week's focus on long term finances. Jupiter in your home and family zone shines a light on solidified thinking and habitual attitudes, challenging you during the coming months to widen your perspective for a more inclusive view.

LIBRA: Uranus backs into Aries this week for its final four-month window of opportunity to balance your give and take ratio in relationships – a chance that won't present again in our lifetimes. For the rest of this year and the next, outgoing Jupiter is urging you to speak up on personal, local and broader issues.

SCORPIO: As the sun and late week new moon in Scorpio launch the official start of your personal astro-year, think about what you want to grow in the coming months. If it helps, Jupiter's moved into the sign of adventure and Uranus is initiating a four-month re-evaluation of how you handle stress levels and self care.

SAGITTARIUS: Was 2007, the last time Jupiter travelled through Sagittarius, a standout year? Here it comes again to expand your horizons beyond the usual ways of engaging with people, finances, your interests and your job. Time to examine beliefs and behaviours restricting growth and understanding, to investigate new avenues of satisfaction and fulfilment…

CAPRICORN: Uranus the planet of change in your family sector brings transitions and lifestyle shifts, while Jupiter's busy for the next thirteen months tying up loose ends and saying sayonara to the past you've outgrown – all necessary prep to clear the decks before joyous Jupiter powers into your sign late next year.

AQUARIUS: Uranus retreating into Aries reconnects you with your own like-minded tribe of inventive forward thinkers to revive something that's been on the back-burner. A chance that won't come again this century, so now is the hour to hit the reset switch – especially with auspicious Jupiter supporting Aquarian teamwork and technology.

PISCES: With Uranus giving your sector of work and earnings a final going-over, and auspicious Jupiter booking into your sector of professional success for the coming twelve months, there's no better time to explore new ways of handling finances, career makeovers and budgetary innovations – which if you're creative will all be much more fun than it sounds.

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