March 21- April 19

You may have to be a bit more reserved than usual today. You'll notice that your employer, coworkers or other people are frowning on coarse or impulsive behaviour, even if they would normally tolerate it — or even join in the fun. Pretending to be proper might irritate you, but it's better than the alternative. It's no fun to be criticised because you made a crude joke, so save it for another day!

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April 20-May 20

You've always had excellent follow-through, and today you can add detail-oriented to your list of positive qualities. You're thorough in your efforts, which comes in handy whether you're at work, at home or anywhere else. You have high standards, and yet you're practical enough to know when something is good enough. It's a great day for starting an exercise regimen or organising your office, because you're committed to living virtuously.


May 21-June 21

It's important today to focus on the task at hand. This might be tough for you, since you tend to be easily distracted by ideas and conversation. Do your best to stick to your agenda, especially if you're at work. Your boss may have higher standards right now than usual. Skimming over details won't work out well. You could miss something important, which would necessitate going back and starting over.


June 22-July 22

Today you're filled with a quiet sense of competency. Whatever life brings, you trust yourself to handle it. This brings smooth serenity. Your professional associates and loved ones also find you reliable. Your presence alone helps them feel more secure, because they know you're trustworthy. You may have to fill in gaps left by someone else, but this shouldn't be a problem. You can do twice the work in half the time!


July 23-August 22

You're no stranger to hard work, and that's a good thing on a day like today, when care and effort are required. You may have to work long hours. Cleaning and organisation projects go well, because there's a cosmic emphasis on restoring order to any area of your life that has gotten out of hand. For this reason, it's also a good day to recommit to healthy living.


August 23-September 22

You're capable of doing a very good job in your work today. You're quite practical, not to mention detail-oriented. Long hours of focused effort don't bother you in the least. In fact, maybe they should bother you more! It's possible to overdo it under the current influence. You might get bogged down in details and fail to recognise when enough is enough. Try to keep a sense of perspective.


September 23-October 22

You're naturally a tactful person. Because you prize harmony and cooperation, you have a strong awareness of your impact on other people. That quality will come in handy under today's cosmic influence, which emphasises proper behaviour. It's easier for you than for some people to fall in line with others' expectations. You should have little trouble avoiding crass or impulsive acts that would get you into hot water.


October 23 – November 22

Your self-discipline is strong today. You feel committed to working hard and living well. It's a great day to put extra effort into a professional project or make plans for your future. You have a realistic outlook. Being aware of your capabilities as well as your limits helps you establish an almost fail-proof strategy. Success is assured when you're thinking this critically and attending this carefully to details.


November 23-December 20

It's important to be both practical and efficient today. Depending on your personality, this could be a tall order for you. You're idealistic by nature, but now the universe is pushing you to be realistic — which could feel a lot more like pessimism, to you. But realism doesn't have to be limiting. In fact, in many cases, knowing your limits enables you to be much more creative.


December 21-January 19

Your efficient side kicks in today. It's a good time to make a plan or establish a new routine, because you're thinking so practically. There's little danger of taking on more than you can handle, because you're quite realistic about the limits of your time, energy and abilities. This makes you something of an efficiency expert! Bring this influence to your work or other projects, and you're sure to find success.


January 20-February 18

It's a good day for establishing a new routine of some kind, or recommitting to one you've already set up. Anything aimed at creating a better, cleaner life for yourself and your loved ones is favoured now. This might include eating healthier foods, spending less money, exercising more often or cleaning your home more regularly. Whichever area of your life needs attention, give it your focus. Make a workable plan.


February 19-March 20

Welcome to a busy, focused day. You'll probably sense the increased emphasis on details and effort — which might make you nervous! Details aren't really your strong point. You generally take a more organic, holistic approach to life, one that leaves lots of room for adjustment. Now, though, it's more important to get something right the first time. Make careful plans, pay close attention and do your best.

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