It’s a new year, which is time to slough off the proverbial dead cells of the previous 12 months and emerge fresh, dewy and ready to tackle a new set of challenges. On the other side of the ball drop, there will be all new planetary energies to navigate until next December. Here, your 2019 horoscope will tell you how to deal.

In 2018, we endured an unusually high cluster of challenging moons and major retrogrades, the wreckage of which we are likely still sorting through. Here’s what the moon will be up to in 2019; the mandate is to let go of the old and embrace the new.

If that sounds like a particularly Aquarian theme, it’s partly because Uranus, the natal ruler of Aquarius, will finally go direct on January 6th after having been in retrograde since August. Uranus is the planet of innovation and surprises, and wherever he goes, he throws out what’s not working and starts experimenting. The only way out of that is through it, no matter your sun sign.

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To add a touch of optimism, good old Jupiter, the planet of luck and bounty, will be in Sagittarius, its home sign, all year until December 2nd. After sitting in heavy Scorpio for most of last year, expansive Jupiter will be free to spread his gifts. This is a once-in-twelve-years opportunity to aim high.

And while Mercury will always swing backward regularly throughout the year, Venus and Mars, planets of love and aggression, have no retrogrades in 2019. These planets are closer to earth, and thus we feel their movements much more intimately. When they’re at full attention, we can trust our hearts and our tempers to tell us when we’re in love and when we’re furious. Trust that 2019 will bring plenty of both. For more detail on how these movements will affect you, read your yearly horoscope, below.

Get your passport updated, Aries. With Jupiter in your ninth house, your wanderlust is on overdrive. Expect to take at least one major trip abroad (you may take several), whether for work or play or a little bit of both. This placement expands your profile in the world, so even if you’re not physically globe-trotting, your influence will be on the rise.

The year might begin with some rockiness in your relationship, if you’re partnered up. The lunar eclipse blood moon on January 20th will bring any underlying grumbles to the surface, and you won’t be able to put this one off. Likewise with the Worm Moon which coincides with Aries season on March 20th, your marriage (or a serious, contractual partnership) will be tested.

Your financial picture this year will be shaken up with Uranus in Taurus on March 1st, and it’s staying there for the next few years. One can never predict what Uranus will bring, but it may translate to an unexpected windfall, a career change, or a hobby that becomes a side hustle. If you’re up for some surprises, you stand to capitalize.

You’re about to enter a really creative and fruitful phase of your life, Taurus. On March 1st, Uranus will enter your sign, inspiring you to deploy your natural gifts in surprising, innovative ways. Even if you’re not an artist or entrepreneur, you will be overflowing with ideas that you (and only you) know how to put into action.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius all year, you’re likely to see more money from unusual sources, like a spouse’s income, a side hustle, a settlement, or even a winning lottery ticket. Luck is on your side this year, financially speaking, so keep your eyes (and wallet) open for new potential streams of revenue.

On May 18th, the Flower Moon in Scorpio may bring up an issue in your marriage or partnership that takes you away from your creative work. It could be time spent away from your spouse, or simply that you’re evolving in a new direction that tests your compatibility. It will feel like you’re confronting a fundamental issue of identity and partnership, and it may even catalyze a separation. This won’t blindside you, though; you’ll see it coming, and you’ll have the fortitude to weather it solo if you have to.

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This is a year of partnership for you, Gemini, which is perfect since you’re already the zodiac’s twins. With Jupiter sitting in your seventh house until December, you could get engaged or married, or embark on strategic joint venture that pays dividends. Whether it’s romantic or not (it’ll likely be both), Jupiter will make it clear that what you can accomplish with others is greater than what you can do all by yourself.

While you’ve got a highly social outlook for 2019, you’ll want to take care of your mental health and manage bad habits. With Uranus moving back into Taurus on March 1st, you may feel more pronounced mood fluctuations than usual. Get a little creative with your self-care routine, and try saunas, sensory deprivation tanks, or potentially a new therapist. With Uranus around, a second opinion is always wise.

On September 14th, the Harvest Moon will culminate a major career effort. Whether or not you win, it will be exhausting, and you should budget some recovery time. The weeks following are an excellent time to take a vacation, either to console your bruised ego or celebrate your hard-earned victory. Either are best served with a cocktail by the beach.

You’re a busy bee this year, Cancer, and you may find yourself stimulated at work in a way you haven’t been for years. With Jupiter riding through your house of habits and day-to-day tasks, you’ll probably take on new and challenging projects you may never have imagined working on, and you’ll actually enjoy the pace.

The Worm Moon on March 20th will be a difficult one at home. You will feel put out, possibly by in-laws outstaying their welcome, or you’ll be caught in the vicissitudes of a difficult move. Activate all routes of escape, including going for long walks, staying late at the office, or finally catching up with old friends. And with Uranus moving into your social sector on March 1st, you’ll have a more eclectic sampling of pals to engage for support.

The year ends with a very lovely solar eclipse new moon on December 26th in Capricorn, which is your call to potentially travel for the holiday, especially if you’re partnered up. This won’t be one of those trips where you’re on each other’s nerves due to lost luggage; the ride will be smooth, the Airbnb will be better than advertised, and you and your spouse will be able to actually relax.

Your 2019 begins with the Wolf Moon, a lunar eclipse blood moon, in your sign on January 20th, which will feel as intense as it sounds. This one will force you to confront things you don’t entirely love about yourself, and self-improvement will be theme. It may bring up issues that you grappled with last July, allowing you to finally put them to bed.

But this year is actually all about love, Leo. You have one of the strongest romantic outlooks of the entire zodiac, with Jupiter’s bountiful good fortune falling in your house of true love. If you’re already in a relationship, 2019 is going to be a harmonious and blissful year, perhaps culminating in an engagement. If you’re single, this is one of the most astrologically fertile times for you to meet someone incredible, and potentially life-changing. And if you’ve been trying to have a child, you may be very successful on that front.

Your work and career may endure a shakeup, with Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st. Perhaps you switch jobs or professions. Whatever the catalyst, you may not see it coming (Uranus rules surprises), but if you go with the flow, you’ll be carried into a much more stimulating and potentially more lucrative role. This theme will continue through the end of the year, and on December 26th, the solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn may find you hard at work rather than on vacation. But the crazy thing is, you’ll actually be enjoying yourself.

This is your year of home improvement, Virgo. Whether you are shopping for a deal, upgrading, flipping, renovating, investing, if it’s about real estate, you’re all about it in 2019. You’ve got Jupiter touring your home sector, meaning you’ll receive his bountiful gifts and good luck whatever the endeavor is.

Tread lightly around friends who are more like “friends” around the February 19th Snow Moon lunar eclipse; this supermoon is in your sign. It may make you susceptible to falling for the sob stories of people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Whatever happens, don’t be too hard on yourself if you find someone you’ve trusted is a fraud. Ultimately, that’s their hole to crawl out of.

The year ends for you with an incredibly romantic solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn the day after Christmas. After Jupiter’s influence will expand your home and hearth all year, it will bring its magic to your dating sector in the last few weeks of the year, joining up with this new moon. This is an incredible opportunity to meet someone new or solidify a connection you already have, and you could wind up traveling together for the holiday, then coming home to someplace amazing.

You’re already a smooth talker, Libra, but this is your year to sharpen your gift for communication, and to see its impact on others. Jupiter touring your third house means that you’ll be more persuasive and effective in your speech, emails, even texts. You’re often thrust into the role of peacemaker, manager or mediator, and this year you’ll navigate it with ease. Use your powers for good, because you are more powerful than you think this year.

The Worm Moon in your sign on March 20th may trip you up, however, making you feel more dependent than you want to be on your partner or someone you’re in a serious relationship with. You may not trust that you are your own support system, but that’s exactly what this lunation will ask of you. Even if you don’t believe it yet, the answer is yes.

The year ends with a very sweet solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn on December 26th, and you might play host for the holidays. It’ll be a full house, with folks you haven’t seen in ages traveling to town and stopping by. It will be busy but you’ll feel energized not drained. And when it’s over, you can pass out before New Year’s.

Your career has been dominating your thoughts lately, and the January 20th lunar eclipse blood moon (the Wolf Moon) may deliver a setback of sorts that causes you stress. It’s a tough lunation, and it will bring closure to something you’ve been working toward for a while, potentially since last summer. Defeat is a hard pill to swallow, a Scorpio’s not one to quit — and you shouldn’t.

This year is one of the absolute best you’ll see in over a decade for making a whole lot of money. Jupiter expands everything he touches, and he’s touching your wallet until December. This means you’re very likely to see a substantial raise, or switch jobs for a major paycheck upgrade.

However, you may feel a bit helpless or powerless around the Flower Moon in your sign on May 18th. It’s another intense full moon, but the issues it will raise will be around independence and what you can do for yourself that no one else can do for you. If you’ve been leaning too hard on a partner (in life or business), it’s time to hold yourself up. With Uranus (planet of innovation) also in Taurus at this time, the cosmic assignment will be for you to explore how to meet your own needs in new ways. The old systems won’t work, and you have all the tools to build anew.

It’s your year, Sagittarius! Jupiter is in your sign until December, and that means you are the zodiac’s favorite child right now. You’ll end up attracting the kind of people you want in your life — fabulous, fun, supportive, engaging. This won’t be a changeover of your existing crew, but rather an expansion. Jupiter makes life bigger, and when he’s in your sign, you end up owning every room you walk into without even trying.

While your personal life is getting busier, your day-to-day work is receiving a boost from Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st. Taurus is a highly material sign, and with a volatile, intellectual planet like Uranus stationed there, you may see your office renovated or your role totally redefined. If you don’t get a new job, it will still feel like you got a new job, so prepare for onboarding.

Your year of “you” ends with a very auspicious solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn on December 26th, which is likely to help you make money. Whether it’s an end-of-year bonus, a promotion or a new client, your pockets will get a little deeper going into 2020.

For you, Capricorn, this year may be one of major self-reflection and strength training. Literal and emotional. With Jupiter touring your house of vulnerabilities and health (all forms), you’ll be comfortable with your own introversion and enjoy greater peace of mind than usual. Which will be necessary to endure the year of eclipses, two of which are in your own sign.

On July 16th, the Buck Moon lunar eclipse will fight with Venus, planet of money and love, so you and your spouse may argue over money. If you can be creative with fewer resources (a trip to the spa rather than a safari), you can get through it. Then on December 26th, the solar eclipse is much more benevolent, bringing you a romantic and easygoing end to the year.

When Uranus moves to Taurus on March 1st, where he will stay for many years, it’ll shake up your house of dating and creative projects. If you’re not already taken, you may fall in love with someone fascinating, unusual and totally unlike any partner you’ve ever had before. If you are, then the two of you may take up an artistic hobby together that you get really, really good at. You never know where it might lead — for both of you.

Welcome to your year of rewards, Aquarius. You’ve gotten very serious about your career and made important strides in 2018, and now, with Jupiter touring your house of friendship, your reputation as a bigwig will be cemented among the new connections and professional acquaintances you’ve made. If last year was about getting yourself invited to the party, this is your year of enjoying the party. 

But be warned: the Wolf Moon, which is a lunar eclipse blood moon, on January 20th in Leo will rock your marriage, potentially bringing up issues that were present last summer. If you’d thought things were settled, they were not, and while this lunation may bring back painful conversations, they will likely be resolved for good once it finally passes.

The place you call home may change (maybe more than once) with Uranus moving into Taurus on March 1st. The planet of sudden shake-ups and innovation may inspire you to move towns, to completely redecorate, to sell and then rent, or finally buy. Uranus is impossible to predict, but the key to managing all that volatility is through embracing the unusual. If you can be open-minded about what “home” really means, you’ll likely end up in one that nurtures you like none before.

This is the year of your career, Pisces. If you’ve written a book, you’ll sell it. If you’ve been studying for an exam, you’ll pass. Jupiter, the planet of bounty and good luck, is touring your house of fame and honors, and whether you’re a public figure or not, your entire profile will receive a boost. With this placement, your efforts will not be wasted if they are sincere. If you raise your hand, the universe will call on you. The magnitude of this opportunity cannot be overstated. Do things you don’t think you can do, because with Jupiter in your corner, you can.

On February 19th, the Snow Moon lunar eclipse supermoon may be challenging at home. If you’re married, you may discover your spouse deceived you in some way. Whether it’s a white lie about not skipping ahead on the show you watch together or communicating with an ex, it will feel huge. Take a few days to think about it before acting. The difference between a hiccup and a rupture is not pre-written in the stars.

2019 ends with a very sweet solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th. This is the time to rub elbows with VIPs, so make sure to RSVP to every party — and you will be invited to many. Bonus: If you’re not already attached, you may meet someone worth kissing at midnight.

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