YOU can now get your cat into the festive spirit with themed cat beds in the shape of Santa hats and Christmas trees.

The holiday season is just another excuse to dress our pets up in adorable outfits and buy them themed toys.

  • Christmas Pet Cave Creative Tree Shape, Amazon, £15.96 – buy now

Cats are notoriously hard to please – or dress – but now you can get your feline looking festive without having to wrestle them into a jumper.

Amazon is selling a range of adorable cat beds ranging from Christmas trees to Santa hats.

Some of the designs are detachable so you can de-Santa Claus it and use it for the rest of the year.

The website says: “You can give it to your pet as a Christmas gift, and your pet will like it.”

  • Christmas Tree Pet Supplies Kennel, Santa hat, Amazon, £17.08 – buy now

Prices start from £16 for the cat beds and they all come with free delivery – in time for December 25.

And even if your cat snubs it for a cardboard box, at least it will look great in the living room.

  • Christmas Tree Pet Supplies Kennel, green, Amazon, £17.08 – buy now

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