If you’ve dreamed of strolling through Stars Hollow, just like Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, Christmas might have come early for you this year. You can have lunch at Lorelai’s this holiday season, and live out your Gilmore Girls dreams. For a limited time only, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood is offering a "Lunch at Lorelai’s" addition to their regular studio tour. As a hardcore fan of the show, this is a must-do if you’re spending some time in LA this season.

The pop-up experience kicks off on Dec. 22 and runs through Jan. 6, so you’ll want to book something soon if this sounds like a dream come true. I know every time I rewatch the series, I come out wishing for three things: to eat lunch at the Dragonfly Inn, walk around downtown with a cup of coffee in hand, and visit Lorelai’s house. Well, there must be a genie around, because my wishes are finally coming true.

With your studio tour ticket, you have the opportunity to purchase a delicious lunch, visit Lorelai’s house (which is decorated with props from the show), and take a pic in the Stars Hollow Gazebo as you walk around the recreated set.

Bring your appetite to eat like Rory and Lorelai.

If you’ve never been on a Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you’re certainly in for a treat. Once the tour has concluded, you’ll be dropped off at Stage 48: Script to Screen. Located next to Stage 48 is Lorelai’s house, and for this special experience, guests have the chance to visit the home when it’s all decorated for the holidays.

You can purchase and enjoy food from a gorgeous holiday spread, including oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry-shallot sauce, lemon garlic roasted chicken, veggie burgers, homestyle macaroni salad, garlic buttered corn, and more. This definitely sounds like something Sookie would have brought over from the Dragonfly Inn! In fact, I’m sure Emily Gilmore would even want to serve this menu at her holiday DAR meeting.

After lunch, walk around Stars Hollow like you’re in the show.

After enjoying some tasty treats, you’ll be able to walk around the recreated Stars Hollow set like all of your favorite characters. You might even be able to recreate some of your favorite scenes, as there will be props and costumes from the show on display throughout. For instance, snap a pic pretending to be Kirk as you’re looking for the last of the Easter eggs hidden in town, or with a cup in hand, pose for a pic like you just grabbed coffee from Luke’s Diner. The Instagram possibilities really are endless.

Of course, you need to snap a pic in the gazebo.

The one picture that’s necessary for the ‘Gram is posing in front of the Stars Hollow Gazebo. Maybe you want to recreate the picnic basket episode and pose like you’re auctioning off yours to bae. Or perhaps you want to sit on the steps like you’re Rory. If you have a Luke to your Lorelai, you might want to just get a pic of the two of you dancing in the gazebo for a romantic shot. Either way, you have to make sure to caption at least one pic with, "Oy with the poodles already." It’s what Lorelai would do.

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