Julian & Charlize sit near the top of the leaderboard on ‘World Of Dance’ as we head into this week’s Divisional Final! The duo reveal how they plan to dominate Sunday!

Julian and Charlize have stunned the judges with their unique moves and personalize choreography throughout this season of World Of Dance. Now, heading into the Divisional Finals and going against not only the Junior Division, but also the stunners in the Upper Division, the duo have their game faces on. “We wanted to have no regrets and leave it all out on the stage! We really wanted to go hard for the Divisional Finals,” Julian revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com ahead of the show. “Go hard or go home!” Charlize added.

“Exactly… It’s all that mentality for this round,” Julian continued. “We want to leave it all out there.” The pair are coming off a strong performance at The Cut, where they took some inspiration from La La Land! With Julian’s stunning choreography, the hip-hop duo who are a fan-fave on Instagram played a “cat and mouse” game while dancing with each other. “I really liked this routine… and that’s it,” judge Derek Hough said of the performance. Jennifer Lopez also complimented the duo, telling them “It really, really was beautiful and you guys danced it amazingly!” They shot up to the top of the board with a 93, and in the end they made it through to the Divisional Finals in third place in the Junior Division.

“We wanted to bring something new that we haven’t brought in the earlier rounds,” Charlize said of the upcoming round. “It’s difficult, but also challenging.” The judges have been insanely complimentary of Charlize’s moves, while obsessing over her partner Julian’s intricate choreography. “I look up to those judges a lot and for them compliment my choreography means so much to me and it was very difficult to choreograph in that setting,” Julian revealed. “Before we were on the show, I looked at them as role models. They really helped us a lot with their critiques and their feedback made us better dancers and humans.”

Be sure to tune in to World Of Dance on NBC, Sunday at 8 PM EST!

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