The best of the best! Fitness trainer tests out the Victoria’s Secret models’ favorite workouts for a YEAR to see which one is really the most effective

  • Toronto-based workout guru Keltie O’Connor researched what prominent Victoria’s Secret Models do to workout 
  • She decided to follow different workouts for an entire year and chart the results
  • The workouts included kick boxing, resistance weight training and cycling
  • Keltie picked her workouts from researching models such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel
  • At the end of the year, she found herself more empowered by the workouts
  • She said it shows how there is not one right answer to working out the body 

A fitness trainer challenged herself last year to train like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and it left her feeling more empowered than ever. 

Toronto-based workout guru Keltie O’Connor admitted she, like others, was intrigued to find out what models who walked down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway did to sculpt and tone their bodies. 

So Keltie decided to follow top models — including Candice Swanepoel, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima — by trying their go-to workout classes and routines to see if she could achieve similar results. 

Ready to work: Toronto-based workout guru Keltie O’Connor researched what prominent Victoria’s Secret Models do to workout

Motivated: She decided to follow different workouts – such as kickboxing and yoga – for an entire year and chart the results

Empowered: During 2018, Keltie consistently went to kick boxing and boxing classes 

Toned: Keltie followed workouts from Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Gigi Hadid (left), Adriana Lima (middle) and Jasmine Tookes (right) 

Incredible: Both Candice Swanepoel (left) and Adriana Lima (right), pictured during the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, combine a variety of workouts to get their figures 

The fitness journey started for Keltie in 2018 when she decided to try Kickboxing, which is popular with Gigi Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio. 

Prior to working out at a gym, Keltie said she was big into sports growing up. She then found herself hitting a rut in the gym after she would consistently workout with weights for five days a week.  

‘It wasn’t doing it for me anymore,’ Keltie said in a video detailing the workouts. ‘I was putting on muscle. I didn’t really feel like myself.’ 

Kickboxing allowed Keltie to feel athletic again while working out her entire body. ‘It is a full-body workout,’ she said. ‘I think that is why a lot of models like it.’ 

But she reminded followers that their intentions towards working out should not be solely about dropping calories and weight loss. 

‘I think it’s really important to focus on how you feel during a workout,’ she said. ‘I loved how strong I felt.’ 

Similar to kickboxing, Keltie also tried Adriana Lima’s go-to cardio workout, boxing, to see what the hype was about the upper-body workout.  

‘[Adriana] is basically the GOAT and she is a big, big fan of boxing classes,’ Keltie said. ‘I 100 per cent see why.’ 

‘I would leave that workout just drenched,’ she continued. ‘I could not punch a human but it feels really good to punch a bag, I’m not gonna lie.’ 

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Putting in work: Gigi (pictured) often does boxing and resistance weight training to stay in shape for her shoots 

Paid off: The combination of boxing and resistance weight training has helped Gigi stay in shape for moments like walking the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 

Focused: Another workout Keltie regularly did throughout 2018 was resistance weight training with circuits 

Feeling the burn: Keltie focused largely on her glutes during the resistance training 

Keltie recommended pairing the classes with another lower-body workout class, like SoulCycle, since boxing focuses more on the arm muscles, core and chest area. 

SoulCycle is popular among Kelsey Merritt and Kelly Gale, the fitness guru explained during her video. 

Happy: At the end of the year, Keltie said she enjoyed the routine because it made her tryout new classes. This helped make working out fun 

‘I fell in love with this workout and I could see how the models could love it so much,’ she said. 

‘It was empowering. There’s pounding music. The instructors are so motivating. I left that class feeling so good.’ 

Another workout Keltie employed over the course of 2018 was resistance weight training. 

The resistance training allows people to customize the workout to their own body and focus on the muscles they want to build up. 

She admitted that most models who do the workout — such as Candice Swanepoel, Adrina Lima and Bella Hadid — have the ability to pay for a trainer, which isn’t an option for everyone. 

Keltie created a resistance training routine with circuits that specifically targeted her glutes. Some of her go-to exercises were squats, glute bridges into tricep extensions, and lunges. 

During the year, Keltie also tried yoga, pilates, and barre training to see how they worked best for her own body.

But she reiterated to followers that they needed to find what worked best for their bodies and schedules because not everything the models do is recommended. 

‘This is [the models’] job,’ she said. ‘Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t commit to working out as much as them. You have other priorities. You have your job. This is literally theirs.’ 

The most important lesson Keltie learned while trying the models’ workouts was that there is no right answer to being healthy and active.  

‘The cool think about it was none of them did the same workout, and I think that’s what’s really important,’ Keltie said. ‘We always put these role models we have on a pedestal and we google what they do…to become them. Now sometimes that kind of works. But it was all about finding what worked for them specifically and what they enjoy doing so they kept with it.’ 

She wanted the takeaway of her video to be for her followers to find ways to be active that made them feel as though they are ‘playing’ instead of doing a chore.  

‘It’s gonna add so much joy into your life,’ she said. ‘You’re gonna stick with it long term and that’s how you’re going to get to these body goals you want.’  

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