Melania Trump will soon be heading to the UK after Buckingham Palace announced a planned state visit for the US president and his wife.  The First Lady will be a guest of the Queen during the three-day trip that will begin on June 3 this year.  Melania last visited the UK in July 2018 but as this was not an official state visit, she did not spend much time with the royals.  During the state trip, Melania is sure to meet members of the Royal Family, but will she meet Kate Middleton and what will they do?

Kate Middleton news: Duchess and Melania Trump will do this during state visit

Melania Trump is scheduled to visit the UK in little over a month, from June 3 to June 5 2019.

As this is an official state visit, members of the British Royal Family are sure to spend time with Donald Trump and his wife during the trip.

Kate Middleton has been an official member of the Royal Family since her wedding to Prince William, 36, in 2011.

As William is third in line to the throne, the couple are sure to attend any important events during this state trip.

It is likely Kate and Melania will spend time together during this visit.

During a state trip, there is a format which is usually followed and likely to be followed on this occasion.

The format consists of an official open-air welcome, lunch with the Queen and a state banquet.

Kate and Melania are likely to meet at least once at the state banquet.

The pair did not meet on Melania’s visit last year as there was no official state banquet.

It is believed Melania and Donald Trump will be put by the Queen and either stay at Buckingham Palace or at Windsor Castle.

While in the UK, the pair are also scheduled to meet with Theresa May and attend a ceremony in Portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The visit will take place in little over a month and the announcement has come on another special day for Kate.

Today is Prince Louis’ first birthday and the Duchess of Cambridge released three photos of the youngster to celebrate. 

In the sweet snaps, the youngster can be seen grinning as he spends time in the countryside.

As her children get older, Kate is thought to expose them to as many fun and different experiences as possible to help them find what they are interested in. 

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