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The UK went DIY crazy during the spring coronavirus lockdown and bored Britons looked to spruce up their abodes. During the initial spring lockdown, DIY stores originally closed in line with Government guidance, but reopened toward the end of strict lockdown, much to the delight of bored Britons.

Sales of home improvement items such as paint, wallpaper, plants and compost soared during the first lockdown after the population was forced to stay at home and reckon with their surroundings.

Queues have already been seen throughout the country this weekend of people rushing to the local hardware store just before the new restrictions come in on Thursday.

The second national lockdown will begin on November 5 and is currently set to last until December 2.

But what does the new lockdown mean for consumers this time around?

Will DIY stores still be open?

As with the spring lockdown, essential stores are permitted to stay open for in-person shopping, such as supermarkets, chemists and bike shops.

The Government has not yet fully outlined what will come with Thursday’s new restrictions, but Downing Street said on Sunday it would set out exactly which shops will be allowed to stay open in the coming days.

The Government has been trying to keep as much of the economy open as possible in recent months despite the huge spike in coronavirus cases, so it seems likely DIY stores will be able to remain open during the November lockdown.

The Government has indicated that garden centres will remain open, in which case DIY stores might be allowed to keep their physical doors open.

Online services will still be available, but it is likely these will be heavily used so there may be significantly longer wait times throughout November.

If DIY retailers do stay open, there is also likely to be restrictions on opening hours as staff shortages are likely due to self-isolation and sickness.

A spokesperson for Homebase said: “We are awaiting confirmation from the UK Government on the full list of essential retailers for this second national lockdown, but expect that Homebase will be included, meaning that stores will remain open beyond Thursday, November 5 with strict safety measures in place.”

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Express.co.uk has reached out to other DIY retailers and will update this article when a response is received.

Under new restrictions, all non-essential retail is being forced to close, as well as the hospitality sector aside from takeaway food and drinks.

Gathering with anyone outside of your household is also not permitted, and everyone should be staying at home unless making essential trips for work, school, medication or food.

Overnight stays are now banned, and socializing is only permitted within support bubbles.

Travel throughout the UK is now discouraged unless essential, and you should not be travelling to other UK nations at all.

International travel is also now banned from England unless for essential or work purposes.

Unlike the spring lockdown, schools and nurseries will remain open for the second lockdown.

The new national lockdown replaces the tier system brought in several weeks ago which has so far failed to quash the rate of new infections as much as the Government would have liked.

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