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If you've ever wondered whether or not your children are pinching chocolates off the Christmas tree, then Wilko is here to solve the mystery.

The high street store are selling a "Santa Cam" bauble to hang on the tree – meaning mum and dads everywhere can keep an eye on their little ones this festive season – or at least pretend to.

The red and silver ornament is fitted with a fake video camera, complete with a blinking red light that looks like it's recording your child's every waking move.

Parents can tell their kids that the 'footage' is being beamed straight to Santa Claus' grotto – meaning they'll always want to be on their best behaviour in order to make it onto the nice list.

A product description on the Wilko website reads: "Make sure kids are on their best behaviour on the run up to Christmas with our Santa cam bauble.

"Santa is always watching so you better be on your best behaviour!"

So if you're kids tend to get overly excited and a bit naughty at this time of year, the Santa Cam is a must have.

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The news comes after people in Australia recently complained about a store named Typo who are selling baubles that parents feel could ruin Christmas for their kids.

One father was shocked during a recent shopping trip when his child picked up an elf decoration – which was holding a sign that reads: "Santa's not real."

Taking to Facebook, he fumed: "Hey mums and dads, just a warning as I was caught out today.

"The store Typo/cotton on have horrible Christmas ornaments for sale that my child was able to read and ask me ‘is Santa real?'"

"I tried to complain but didn’t get anywhere. I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to email/call/live chat and complain and get these things taken off the shelves."

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