“He probably told everybody I was a psycho.”

This might be one of the most random celebrity feuds of all time, as Jennifer Lawrence revealed this week she had past beef with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Appearing on the Absolutely Not podcast this week — the same podcast where she revealed she used to be “a little bit Republican” — Lawrence reflected on her 2013 Oscar win for Best Actress and how tripping on the way to the stage eclipsed the honor.

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“I was ready, I was very nervous and also very superstitious. I didn’t want to acknowledge the possibility that I would win. I didn’t want to write a speech, so I have everything in my head and very, very nervous and I was ready,” she recalled. “I’m having a good time, they call my name and I’m elated and in shock. You kind of black out. I don’t remember that moment they called my name. And then I fell and it just erased everything from my mind and my whole brain went blank.”

While she said she can look back “fondly” at that moment now, “for a very long time, the whole thing was very sensitive.” So sensitive, in fact, she had a big issue when Cooper suggested her fall was a publicity stunt.

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“I’m sorry, but Anderson Cooper, I saw him on CNN like 3 days later saying, ‘Well, she obviously faked the fall’ and it was so devastating because it was this horrific humiliation to me that took away … I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to get a speech like that again,” she explained.

“That didn’t feel good for me to not have a speech and I’ll tell you what, I saw him at a Christmas party and I let him know,” she continued. “My friend told me a vein was bulging out of my head. But he apologized and I think we’re good friends now [laughs]. On my end, we’re all good.”

She said she went up to him and asked, “Have you ever tried to walk up stairs in a ballgown?” He, of course, did not. “He apologized immediately,” said Lawrence, “Wonderful apology, I was all fired up. He probably told everybody I was a psycho.”

Listen to the full interview with Lawrence below:

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