Jeff Bezos’ split with his wife Mackenzie could cost him half his fortune! A divorce attorney told HL EXCLUSIVELY how their divorce might play out!

Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Bezos are reportedly on the road to divorce, and she can expect billions from their split. Rick Jones, a Washington state divorce attorney, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife what might happen in their negotiations. “The negotiations will likely be prolonged (a year or more) given the amount of moving parts and the dollar signs behind them,” Jones told us. “However, there is likely very little information that finds its way to the media during the process.”

And when it comes to how much Mackenzie might receive in a settlement, it might be as much as 50 percent of Bezos’ net worth of $137 billion. “[S]he certainly is entitled to roughly half of the existing net worth,” Jones went on to tell us. “So she has current expectation of $60 billion or more.”

However, despite their split, they’ll most likely settle their divorce in a way that won’t be harmful to their stake in Amazon. “Both sides of this case will have much the same goal: To preserve as much of the current net worth as possible without harming the return on investment that their money is already receiving,” Jones added. Bezos also said that “any significant dilution of his control would likely lead to a plummet in value which would be harmful to both of them.”

On top of splitting his Amazon fortune, there are also physical assets, which might find their way into Mackenzie’s hands. “No doubt, there are assets like real property and cash on hand that can easily be distributed to Mackenzie immediately,” Jones added. “Beyond that, I would expect that there would be a deal struck that allows her payoff to be over a significant amount of time. It certainly would require that she consents to some level of financial partnership moving forward. That way, not only can she expect payment in full for her heirs at some point in time, but also the investment increase of the dollars she will leaving in Jeff’s control. A massive sell-off or transfer of Jeff’s shares that would negatively impact Amazon value is highly unlikely.”

And while rumors have been flying about Jeff’s alleged affair with Lauren Sanchez, don’t expect that to pay any part in any potential settlement with Mackenzie. “Washington is a ‘No Fault’ State,” Jones revealed. “That means that any infidelity or immoral behavior would not a consideration in the division of assets.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Jeff’s split with Mackenzie. In the meantime, check out all of his pics in our gallery above.

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