As we all brace ourselves for this week’s freezing temps by bundling up, these social media influencers are shedding their jackets and enjoying the snow — in bikinis.

Breanna, a 32-year-old photographer, says snapping photos of herself in swimsuits during winter is a longtime annual tradition for her and her group of friends.

“I’ve been taking variations of this photo for years,” Breanna, who’s based in Buffalo, New York, and didn’t want to disclose her last name for professional reasons, told The Post. She recently uploaded a swimsuit photo of herself during a skiing trip in Park City, Utah.

“But Instagram makes it trendy now.”

And if there’s any barometer for viral trends, it’s the Kardashians. In December, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian turned their Aspen, Colorado, ski trip into a bikini shoot.

Since then, Instagram models like Sahara Ray have been uploading similar photos on social media, and the hashtag #snowbikini now has more than 400 posts.

“We women are just sick of winter, and we get sick of wearing frumpy clothes and being covered from head-to-toe,” Breanna explained.

“It’s a way to reclaim the winter and have fun with it.”

Thaís Macena, a 27-year-old journalist from São Paulo, Brazil, says she was inspired to brave the snow in her two-piece swimsuit after seeing the trend go viral online.

“I was surprised; it was the most liked photo on my Instagram,” Macena, who took the photo during a recent trip to Alexandria, Virginia, told The Post.

“My family and friends were so impressed, especially since we don’t have snow in Brazil … I needed to tell them, ‘Don’t worry, I wasn’t cold.’”

So there you have it — some people opt for hot cocoa to warm their long, cold winters, while others opt for steamy photoshoots.

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