Johnson & Johnson is in hot water after a bombshell Reuters report found the pharmaceutical company knew for decades that its baby powder sometimes tested positive for small amounts asbestos, a mineral that could cause cancer.

Oncologist Dr. Adil Akhtar says he doesn’t recommend any baby powder products that could contain the carcinogen.

“Asbestos as we know it causes cancer,” Akhtar, head of palliative care at the Oakland Cancer Center in Troy, Michigan, told The Post. “We don’t know the minimum amount of asbestos exposure that could lead to cancer… but I would recommend against products that have any amount of [Asbestos], even small amounts.”

A person is primarily exposed to the carcinogen, which is made up of tiny fibers, through inhalation. Once asbestos gets into the lungs, it attaches to the lining, which a person’s immune system tries to attack. This causes scar tissue called asbestosis, leading to inflammation of the lungs.

Continued exposure to asbestos can cause cancers like mesothelioma — a disease that strikes some 3,000 Americans every year, according to the American Cancer Society.

“If you look at the data, most cases of lung cancer caused by asbestos occur 20 years after exposure to it,” Akhtar said.

Symptoms of asbestosis include difficulty exercising, shortness of breath and dry coughing. Akhtar says patients undergo chest X-rays to confirm exposure and CT scans to detect cancer.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for asbestosis, as it’s a degenerative respiratory condition. Patients can alleviate symptoms through anti-inflammatory medications, oxygen tank treatment and lung exercises.

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