The women of “The View” celebrated the election results, before Cindy McCain joined to share her thoughts.

It was a joyous Monday on “The View,” as the show returned to air for the first time since Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 Election over the weekend.

There wasn’t a single woman on the show’s panel — including Republican Meghan McCain — who was pulling for Trump ahead of voting day, so to say they were elated after the media finally called the race would be an understatement.

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Right at the top of the show, Whoopi Goldberg first addressed those Trump supporters who — like the president himself — were pushing back against the results, calling fraud and demanding a recount.

“Suck it up. Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself because this is ridiculous,” said Whoopi. “You’re not sure he won. You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted, legally, came out and stood and voted. How dare you question it.”

“I had no idea how enraged for these past four years. When I started crying that’s when I knew,” she added, reacting to Biden’s win. “You Know Who has become a crybaby. The crybaby and wah wah chief. It didn’t go our way, Hillary did not whine. Hillary did not whine. She did not say we need a recount. She said, ‘Okay, you won fair and square,’ even when we knew the Russians had been in there. She did not say, ‘Well, I should be President now.’ She didn’t. She did what you’re supposed to do.”

Joy Behar said she was popping champagne as the results came in, also pushing back on fraud claims by saying that “if we were going to cheat … why not do it in the Senate also? Why just the Presidency? Might as well take the whole enchilada.”

She also congratulated Goldberg for “never mentioning his name, once” in the four years of Trump’s presidency.

“Today everyone should be happy because, just picture in your mind what it could’ve been if he had won,” added Joy. “It would’ve been the end of this country. It would’ve been the end of Democracy and I am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating.”

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Sunny Hostin said she also cried “because representation matters.” Kamala Harris’ victory makes her the first woman, first Black woman and first Asian American woman to be elected Vice President of the United States.

“I watched her speech with my daughter, Paloma, and while Paloma couldn’t vote because she’s only 14, I could see the hope in her eyes,” said Hoston. “It meant everything to me when Kamala said, ‘I may be the first, but I’m not gonna be the last.’ And little girls watching know that there’s possibility and that’s really what it meant for me and for my daughter.”

She went on to praise women like Stacey Abrams and Black Votes Matter co-founder Latosha Brown for turning their personal losses into activism — and celebrated Black women for voting blue. “Donald Trump never wanted to say Black Lives Matter,” she added, “but he knows Black Votes Matter now, right?”

Sara Haines was emotional as well, because she “Felt this weight come off” her chest with Biden’s win. “As I saw Joe Biden kind of running to the stage, I felt like we could all stop running,” she added.

For Ana Navarro, she said this was “the first week in so long that I wake up with hope, with joy, with happiness, with this unbridled lightness of being.”

She went on to thank both Biden and Harris for being inclusive and thanking everyone whose “backs you rode to to come here.”

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While Meghan McCain is still out on maternity leave, her mother Cindy McCain — who endorsed Biden — appeared on the show to share her reaction as well.

“I would hope that our president would do exactly what is right for this country and concede in a gracious, polite manner,” she told the cohosts. She said she’s also calling on Republicans to “help support [Biden] and do what’s right for the country and not what’s right for our party.”

She was moved by Harris’ win as well because “it signals to little girls like my newest granddaughter that they can do anything. Yes, you can be Vice President, yes you can be President.”

She added that she believes Biden will be able to “work across the aisle and bring these people into the fold so everyone has a voice, a rational voice and a civil voice in regards to legislating.”

McCain ended her appearance by thanking the women of “The View” for their part in the election as well.

“I know you weren’t campaigning, but your thoughtful talking of the issues really helped Americans understand what was going on,” she told them, “So I want to thank all of you.”

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