The whole world is on royal baby watch as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for their first child, but while we twiddle our thumbs, adorable newborns are arriving every day.

One of these sweet arrivals belongs to Linne’s two-toed sloth Charlotte Greenie. The 23-year-old Denver Zoo resident gave birth to a baby sloth on April 11.

Like the upcoming royal baby, this unnamed newborn kept people waiting.

“When we announced Charlotte’s pregnancy in December, we estimated that the baby would be born as early as January. However, sloth due dates are notoriously challenging to predict because sloths are primarily active at night and we rarely observe their breeding,” the zoo wrote in a release about the birth.

Now, the little sloth is here and very attached to mom. Shortly after birth, the baby climbed onto their mom’s chest and will likely remain there for the next six months.

The sex of the new arrival has not yet been determined, since keepers are giving Charlotte and her new baby time to bond. Both mom and baby are on display at the zoo’s Bird World habitat. Since sloths are infamously elusive, the zoo can’t guarantee you will spy the duo, but keepers suggest stopping by the zoo in the late afternoon, when mom is often on the move, for your best chance to see the sloths.

Charlotte’s mate Elliot, and her other child, Baby Ruth, are currently off-display to allow Charlotte and her newborn uninterrupted time to bond.

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